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Feb 4th, 2017


American politics
An insurgent in the White House (1,042)
Universal basic incomes
Bonfire of the subsidies (14)
Emerging markets
Turkeys and blockbusters
Augmented reality
Say AR (14)
Youth and democracy
Vote early, vote often (175)


Donald Trump’s foreign policy
America first and last (77)
Will it work?
Beware the indirect effects (20)
How America’s allies see it
The world, watching (14)

United States

The Supreme Court
Gorsuch test (7)
Checks and balances
A crumbling fortress (131)
Trade with Mexico
Playing chicken (11)
The economics of immigration
Man and machine (84)
Working and race
Colouring in (84)
The murder rate
Spiking (17)
Strength in numbers (38)

The Americas

Argentina and Brazil
The Mauricio and Michel show (14)
Technology in Cuba
Real virtuality (5)
Terrorism in Quebec City
A not-so-lone wolf (150)
Rage against the bribes department (7)


Uttar Pradesh goes to the polls
A state of shocks (7)
Police corruption in the Philippines
The usual suspects (9)
An assassination in Myanmar
Death of an advocate (2)
How North Korea depicts the South
Blurred derision (5)
Gambling in Japan
In a spin (5)
Citizenship in New Zealand
Exceptional (10)
Sun, sand, sentinels (6)


Local government
Call the mayor! (4)
Hong Kong
Trembling tycoons (22)

Middle East and Africa

Trade restrictions
African Queen (39)
Street vendors in Africa
An unfree trade (5)
Foreign currency in Nigeria
No dollars today (9)
Not much might in the Hashemites (15)
Mosul after Islamic State (20)


Scandal in France’s presidential race
A wide open contest (107)
Ukraine’s intermittent war
Probing attack (461)
Migrant entrepreneurs
Startup-Kultur (27)
Russian history online
Networking revolution (9)
Business in authoritarian Turkey
Tigers in the snow (9)
Silent partner (33)


Negotiating post-Brexit deals
Trading places (42)
Euroscepticism and Trumpism
Mr Brexit’s homecoming (11)
The economy
Shop, then drop Britain Only (58)
Vote leave Britain Only (1)
Alternative religions
The joy of sects Britain Only (1)
International development
Sweet charity Britain Only (2)
Rural architecture
From pigsties to prime locations Britain Only (10)
A dispatch from 2030 (39)
Correction: Running on empty
Britain Only Articles flagged with this icon are printed only in the British edition of The Economist


Young people and democracy
Not turning out (35)


Snapchat’s future
Snap to it (17)
Upstream with half a paddle (6)
Pet health care
Furry profitable (2)
Logistics firms
Boxed in (7)
Consumer electronics
Screen shocker (7)
Food technology
Plant and two veg (6)
Smartphones in China
Upstarts on top (14)
Silicon Valiant (78)

Finance and economics

Emerging markets
Pop-up markets (8)
The Indian economy
Rupees for nothing (5)
A taxing problem (6)
Trade deals
Trying For Anything (2)
The Ethiopia Commodity Exchange
High-tech, low impact (4)
Asset management
Ctrl alt-beta (2)
Custodian services
Quis custodiet? (3)
Free exchange
Better than a wall (12)

Science and technology

Augmented reality
Better than real (7)


J.S.G. Boggs
His money or his art? (19)



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