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Is the World Cup really free from doping?

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Soccer is the biggest global sport. There is a lot at stake. There is a lot to gain and lose. Doping is very much present.
There is tons of evidence of it. But, everyone seems to agree not to focus on those. Cycling and Athletics are being bashed while anti-doping fight is a joke in football.
This video shows the live doping of the team of Parma before the Uefa final in 1999 against Marseille who was allegedly also using doping.
The Italian national team lead by Canavaro was also notoriously doped.
The French team that won the 1998 world cup was also playing with players that were guilty of doping during those years. Christophe Dugarry was found guilty.
Zinedine Zidane himself admitted using products. Even his friend Johnny Haliday inadvertedly admitted in a recorded interview of France 2 (See youtube) going to a doctor recommended by Zidane.
It is naive to think that those people were exceptions. It is even more naive to believe that this culture has changed. Didier Deschamps, today's coach of the French team, admitted doping in minutes leaked by the french justice department. The question remains, is he and others from his generation using the same methods as a coach?

Enders Shadow

The defeat this evening of Czar Vladimir's (or should it be Commisar Putin's) team offers some hope that the world cup can't be won by cheating - unless evidence emerges in the next few days that the Croats did a better job of it than the Russians. Let's hope that this is the first of many defeats for Putin's evil regime.

California Man

FIFA is known to have accepted billions in bribes from countries pushing to host the World Cup. Their senior leadership has gone to jail over various forms of corruption.
So do you think all of FIFA's lying and cheating and stealing is fixed?
Didn't think so!

Kremilek2 in reply to California Man

You are right. I doubt that the FIFA or the UEFA have a sincere interest in finding who is cheating since probably a vast majority of footballers has an experience with some sort of the PED. On the other hand, PED doesn't bring that much advantage since your technique with baloon doesn't improve considerably. Also a football creativity is not influence by these illegal PEDs.