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Penalty shoot-outs are basically still crap-shoots

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Penalty shoot-outs may still be crap-shoots, but they are much more exciting for spectators than a simple coin toss. So they are an enormous improvement. Remember, the World Cup is just entertainment.

guest-ojeliiw in reply to guest-theritz

The World Cup does far too much damage to be "just entertainment". It's obnoxious really.
It's almost enough to make me believe the phrase: "It's a world of sheep, controlled by wolves, and owned by pigs." It's stupid cynicism, but in situations like this it rings true. It's the magicians' distraction so the people don't notice being robbed.


Oh yeah? but still has better odds than TE's less than crap-shoots of predicting Hillary's winning and Erdogan's loss.


The World Cup's sort of tainted.
Embezzlemet, tyrants and after the blood-stadium event still ahead it will go pay-per-view and lose the last bit of credibility.
And the flags on the cars are just disgusting on every possible level.
Watching the World Cup's becoming seriously uncool.