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Why so many World Cup sponsors are from China

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" They are speaking to FIFA in a language it understands: money."
Well almost everybody understands this language though previous sponsors also take into account their reputation when being engaged with FIFA. I guess that if FIFA cleans up its files Western companies will come back.


This article meant to remind people that Ivanhoe went to the tournament with the sponsorship of a Jew named Issac.... another parallel between antisemitism and antisinoism. Yes?
knock, knock
who is there?
Ivan who?


Re snide last sentence in your article -
Let's face it, TE. Money is a language you guys understand too, No?
Why publish so many trash articles mixed with your very good ones, except to rouse the subscriptions of guest-somethingortheother, along with all the internet trolls you refuse to get rid of?
I am not talking about differences in opinions. All educated people understand diversity in opinions is not a bad thing, and have room in their brains for. I am talking about folks who post solely to harass other posters, ad hominem, brazenly and repeatedly, a thing against your published comment policy. Does money not have something to do with it?

Swiss Reader in reply to ashbird

ashbird, I fear the snide remark applies to Swiss-based FIFA rather than to China. And much to my regret I must admit that FIFA is reputed to be about the most-sold article in Switzerland; as a matter of fact, I think much stronger words would be justified. In my private view, that organization is about as honorable as the Cosa Nostra.

ashbird in reply to Swiss Reader

Thanks for correcting me, Swiss Reader. I truly and greatly appreciate it.
It is important that correct info is learned and incorrect is discarded. I am happy and grateful you took the time. You are very kind.
I didn't know FIFA was Swiss-based either.
Privately, I idolize sports and athletes, because that is one thing I cannot even fantasize myself doing, let alone be semi-good at . It hurts to find out the object of one's adulation is Nostra-ized. I suppose "c'est la vie".