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The attorney-general of New York sues the Trump Foundation

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Trump may not be so free and clear of criminal complications as the Economist seems to opine.

While "self-dealing" is not a prosecution-worthy crime - tax fraud and failure to disclose, is another matter. Using a 501C3 to settle legal cases is similarly vulnerable practice.

Trump's contempt for the law is so aggressive and broad, when the law hits back, and it will, the cuts will be deep on Trump and his contemptible clan.


Trump represents the triumph of the gutter. And once you've torn down all standards of behavior and decency, there's no going back. What the chattering classes continue to fail to understand is that Trump represents a significant degradation of civic life not only in the USA but around the world. Trump's success (feed the drooling howling dull-eyed mob fear-based lies and simplistic fantasies and you get their support for life) has enabled other cynical politicians to understand that there are far more simpletons out there than anyone realized and that they are far easier to capture than anyone realized.

Trump therefore represents a significant part of the end of representative democracy across the West.

jouris in reply to CA-Oxonian

What the chattering classes continue to fail to understand is that Trump represents a significant degradation of civic life not only in the USA but around the world.
I'm not so sure that they have failed to understand. They may not have realized it before the election (although I'm not so sure about that either). But by now, the only folks who don't understand that are Trump's fans. And even some of them know . . . they just don't care.
Whether it is possible to recover, and how difficult it will be if it is, is a different question. My personal guess (and I realize it is just that) is that it is possible. But will be difficult . . . even with the multiple disasters that Trump has created to point to as the result of his behavior.

cs r

The $10,000 was at a charity event for a portrait an artist whipped off in SIX MINUTES. Sounds like close to zero in "fair market value of goods or services received in exchange for a contribution," and contribution is fully charitable.
Why didn't this article disclose that the portrait was done in 6 minutes? More fake news from the fake newsers at The Economist.


Given the antagonists, A not unsurpising action and reaction.
But as blows go, this is a love tap. I am not sure Democracy will notice..

Clement P

By the same office going after Weinstein, whose last AG resigned for doing things very similar to what Weinstein. Even though the case is unrelated, after that bald hypocrisy, it's difficult not to see the office as discredited.

NickyGoodtimes in reply to Clement P

There is NO shortage of stupidity to be found on the internet, but THIS tripe, Clement, has got to be one for the record books.
Different AG.
Different charges.
Different offenders.
But somehow in YOUR eyes, "it's difficult not to see the office as discredited."
The only explanation is that you must have received your JD from Trump University....

Peace Love and Understanding

The Republican Party will block any criminal indictment against Trump by refusing to impeach him. They have gone all-in on him and cannot stop now no matter what he has done. Even full-blown treason with Russia would be something they would not impeach him for. Impeaching him means the death of their party, while not impeaching him might mean the death of the rule of law itself, but at least they keep their power and privileges.

You are right. He probably really thinks that he is above the law. His supporters don't care about this pocket money so he thinks that he can allow himself almost everything. It is sad that Republican party is not able to correct parts of his unusual behavior. I guess that the current investigation will not influence his base substantially as long as he delivers on his promises.

California Man

Funny. Just three weeks ago, the LAST Democrat to hold this office was forced to step down because he assaulted women. And raped them. And beat them. All while holding himself out as a champion of women's rights.
And Eric Schneiderman also conducted a series of political stunts to promote himself and to get his office attention.
Perhaps, one day he'll be arrested and tried for his crimes. Oh, wait. It's New York. No, probably not.
#Politics #Sanctimony #Democrats

NickyGoodtimes in reply to California Man

Funny- There is ACTUAL paperwork w Donald's signature directing $100K to be paid from the FOUNDATION to another entity to resolve a legal matter that embroiled the Trump ORGANIZATION.....
Funnier- your Maradona-like Deflection to attack the former NY AG
Denial ain't just a river in Egypt, CA.....Good Luck with your head-in-the-sand Ostrichism.