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Why airliners in Cuba and Iran crash so much

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So, essentially Gulliver suggests, that the Americans are responsible for the unnecessary loss of human life due to their stupid sanctions policy?
I can go with that.

Larslarson in reply to Palinka

Some sanctions are ineficient. Other work - this depend on the type of sanctions, the target of the sanction , and the relative strengh of the parties. Sanctions are not all "stupid". The unnecesary loss of life is the dole responsabiliy of the cuban and iranian ruling elite,wich not only have not regard for their own people suffering, but export their totalitarian system to neighbouring countries. e.g. Venezuela (Cuba) ,Syria (Iran) .


The cuban economy is extremely inneficient. It relies on foreign gifts, formely the USSR, and Venezuela nowadays. Nothing prevents it to buy new rusian or chinese commercial planes with it (US planes are not the only one on earth). Or good second hand ones. It doesn not do so because it has other priorities for its limited foreign ressources, namely its own consumption.The cuban ruling elite could choose to reform its system, make it a little more eficient, invest in planes, and stop killing its citizens. But of course the cuban oligarchy does not care about buying better commercial planes, I guess it flies in russian military planes anyway.

Larslarson in reply to Larslarson

I should have said that nothing prevent the cuban ruling elite to buy better civilian planes,e.g. russian ones.It does not do so because it flies in venezuelan ones or military ones.They could not care less about lesser citizens safety.Some are more equals than other,remember Orwell?


...the human cost of these tragedies should be a cause for concern. Few of those who die on Iran’s airliners have anything to do with the country’s authoritarian rulers.
But we're talking about an administration which boasts of ripping away to separate detention the children of people who are lawfully applying for asylum. (NOT, be it noted, illegal immigrants. These are people who are following the legally mandated process.) So why would anyone expect them to hesitate, even for the barest instant, over the fact that their actions are damaging (i.e. killing) innocent people? They probably see it as a benefit.


A close relative is currently dating an Iranian immigrant to Canada whose sister and mother were killed in a bus crash in Iran when he was 16. The crash was blamed on old equipment that was used as a substitute because of sanctions. I admire this individual who has been in Canada for 7 years and is working on his PhD. in AI. Another example of how much populations suffer when governments put their principles ahead of the lives of people.

Sir Alex is gone long live Sir Alex

Of course in the case of Iran Air flight 655 in 1988 the cause wasn't sactions at all but the Americans blowing the plane out of the sky with a surface to air missile. They didn't even have the decency to admit fault, but paid scant compensation of $200,000 per passenger a decade later.

The moral of the story is you'll get more if you're American and you drink coffee that's too hot from McDonald's than if you're not American and you get blown out of the sky in a civilian aircraft.