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What does CICIG do?

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The Economist, required read for economic science students like me at U of Miami back in 1988, and trusted for it’s professionalism and ethical reporting. I wonder now how much biased or unconfirmed information I was fed back then. I am older, wiser I hope, and happen to be living in Guatemala now. CICIG’s days of destroying Guatemala are hopefully coming to an end soon. Millions of dollars, hard earned by unsuspecting US citizens, helping to implode Guatemala’s justice system, destroying jobs and the rule of law, and sending millions of illegal immigrants across US boarders. Thousands of Guatemalan’s held in preventive custody, accused of unproven crimes, in overpopulated prisons while Ivan Velásquez and Thelma Aldana carry out their socialist agenda, regarding Guatemala’s Constitution and its laws as mere suggestions to be disregarded at whim. But don’t believe me, investigate briefly and make your own assessment. I expected much more from The Economist.


It could be that the CICIG will become a victim of its success. I doubt that Russians are really very much interested in Guatemala and moreover in its fight against corruption (not writing about Russian corruption). I think that the US should send money to this organization and hope that it will lead the way for other countries.


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