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Too many fairs, not enough art

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"For even the most storied fairs and dealers, the message is clear: they must change or disappear" - Last line of article.
I disagree. They may disappear for folks who are high in $$$ and low in quality discernment. But they will continue to thrive for buyers in the most rarefied stratosphere of antique and precious art collection.
As in the business of information dissemination, fake things are a plenty in the art market. True jadeite (a silicate of sodium, aluminum, and iron) is tougher than diamond, although on the Mohs scale of hardness it sits at 6-7 compared with diamond's solid 10. A flawless piece of jadeite for jewelry is so rare it costs a great deal more than a flawless diamond, weight for weight. For this reason, one seldom sees jadeite set with amethyst (somewhere in article), a semi-precious stone not in the league of serious jewelry. But of course, if the buyer is a nouveau-riche and can't tell a fake anything from a genuine anything, he/she deserves what he pays for. Sometimes, life is very fair.
It is amazing David Rockefeller's "private" museum of sorts is now open for auction after his death. There's a rich AND educated man, a man of wealth and letters (PhD, Harvard, LSE, University of Chicago; field: Economics and Poli Sci; PhD Dissertation: Unused Resources and Economic Waste ), no bankruptcies, no shiny, gaudy, stupid-looking self-portrait by some fourth-class portraitor hung in one's own so-called mansion (but acceptably "elite", for some unexplainable reason, sans the usual pre-cooked complaints from his Anti-Elite, Anti-Education, Anti-Science, Anti-Art, Anti-Literature, Anti-Anything-That-Is-Worth-Anything-Whatsoever band of thuggish supporters.)
"Lock them up! Lock them up! Shoot them! Shoot them! We've got AR-15’s." That's ALL that counts, apparently. And that will make America “Great”.


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