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Why do so many animals die on United flights?

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"...(Six were American bully dogs, the breed likeliest to meet its end in the skies.)..."
I must go and buy me an 'American Bully Dog' :)
(Good that TE's comment section has finally reopened, bad that it still doesn't have proper advertising/spam filters. In fact it's got a little worse; after I reported a comment it did not show up as reported. TE's IT department does a terrible job)


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Like the previous commenter, I am surprised too that animals are allowd in the passenger cabin.
Many people are allergic to pet hair. It is a common allergy. Indeed, ther allergic reaction could, in some cases, be life-threatening. A niece was travelling from East Coast to West Coast. On board, she had an allergic reaction to an item of clothing another passenger was wearing. The plane made an emergency stop in Chicago and am ambulance waited in the tarmac when the plane touched down. She survived.
I would imagine airlines would face this kind of scenario more frequently if all manners of "emotional support animals" (aka "service animals") are allowed in the flight cabin in the future.
I cannot contemplate myself finding a boa-constrictor curled up next to me in a paid-for seat by the owner. What's next? An alligator pre-sedated by a high-dose shot of Haldol? Where do you draw the line between one person's "can't live without" "condition" and another's medical need for an emotionally safe, if not physicall safe, travelling environment?



I am surprised animals are allowed in the passenger area as many people have allergies to pet hair ... When my wife brought our pet from China to Canada our pet had to be in the cargo area that had breathable air and pressurized which was exceedingly worrisome but our pet survived quite well ...


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Don't do what you aren't good at. Time to ban all but the most flight worthy and very low risk pets. Require a Vet certificate for every pet and limit them to hardy breeds of cats and dogs which are neither very young nor old.