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New York’s annual murder statistics are still worse than London’s

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My Reply button continues to be nonfunctional and I exceeded the number of comments I was allowed in the blog where you asked me a question. It was a very good question and an important question. I wanted to answer it. So with TE's permission, I post my reply comment here.
My Reply:
Yes, ——- , Gladly. And thank you for the Q.
The term was originally adopted in the psychotherapy treatment (Tx) of victims of Domestic Violence, where the vast majority of the abused party are women battered by their male partners (there are cases of the reversal in gender, but they are extremely extremely few). The abuse is habitual, chronic and severe. Some of these women were battered to the point of having their faces and bodies permanently disfigured, some even lost a limb or two sustained in the severe and repeated beatings they remained over months and sometimes years (counted among the abuse is spousal-rape where the wife is forced into intercourse in spite of her physical condition not permitting it).
Many of these women refuse to come out of their closet as abused women, and refuse the intervention of social workers who offer them safe shelter (social workers are contacted when Emergency Room doctors notice bruises and lacerations on a woman’s body (including the vagina) that cannot be explained by a fall or some kind of accident; upon questioning, the woman admits the perpetrator is none other than her own husband.
The refusal of battered women to seek help, or receive help when help is offered, was a perplexing phenomenon to physicians, psychiatrists and clinical social workers. In time practitioners in the 3 professions observed one feature shared by all in this cluster of battered women. They all exhibit a trait in their personality structure that has come to be named “Learned Helplessness’.
“Learned Helplessness” is the terminal stage, if you will, in the psychopathology of Victimology [there is a professional journal called Journal of Victimology which publishes data in research in this area). The abusee has learned or been "trained" to “accept” as “normal” the way she is treated. "Learned helplessness" is generally exhibited by a person who has never known another way of being except the “abusee” way.
“Internalized racism” (#3 in my first post under the blog titled "Why black boys fail more than any other group to get out of poverty") has much in common with “Learned Helplessness”, in both etiopathogenesis and symptomatology.
How do you undo this knot that is the abuser-abusee dyad? The Gordian Cut way is the only way, most domestic violence Tx specialist have come to conclude.* They all know from clinical experience that in helping an abusee to come to see a way of living and being that is different from the abusee way, the path could be tortuous.
* There are Tx as well for abusers, spearheaded in the early days by a group of male specialists in Tx of Domestic Violence, one of whom is a colleague of mine. He shows the before-and-after pictures (these days in high-pixel high resolutions) of victim to the responsible perpetrator, and repeated the process over a long period of time, until his denial breaks down (most abusers deny they ever did anything of the sort - in TE community forums alone, we have seen a couple of gold-medalists in this particular behavioral specialty; one, time after time, trolled a woman commenter to pick fights with her, by issuing vicious ad hominem attacks, with no provocation and apropos nothing, telling her she wrote horrible English and repeatedly demanded her to “crawl back”. Needless to say, this is the sort of in vivo specimen of the human race that deserves no attention other than the clinical.


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New york may have more murders than london, but in every single other crime categories London is faaaar ahead of NYC. In most crimes its multiple times 200-400% more. Across every other single crime category.

Murder affects a couple hundred people and its usually confined to world of gangs and drugs affecting a few hundred people a year. But overall crime that has an actual impact on daily quality of life of all its citizens as well as impact regular civilians and citizens by all those measures NYC is vastly safer city than London.


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Not sure if the ~12 additional murders in NYC vs London matter that much. 57/8,538,000 vs. 45/8,788,000 or
0.00000667603 (NYC) vs. 0.00000512061 (London). The chance of being struck by lightning is 1/1,083,000. Pretty close statistically. In any event, the chance of being murdered is pretty dang low in each city when you actually look at the numbers.


While the statistic is clear, the cause remains elusive: is it because New York has more bad men with gun? or it is because New York has fewer good men with gun?

WT Economist in reply to Houshu

NYC has 35,000 police officers with guns, 2.8 times the U.S. average relative to population and more than anywhere else save Washington DC, where the federal government foots a lot of the bill. Plus a 20 and out pension, with far more retired officers than those on the job. So, in effect, seven police departments paid for.
Moreover, NYC is densely populated, meaning compared with other cities the ratio of officers to area on the street is even higher.
Given what that does to our tax burden, the least we can do is leave the shooting to them.

Hedgefundguy in reply to WT Economist

That probably doesn't count other officers who carry guns for other entities within the city.
In Cleveland:
Cleveland State University Police
Case Western Reserve Police
Cleveland Metropolitan Housing Police
Cuyahoga County Sheriff
(I probably missed a few more.)
All which can make arrests, issue citations, and have other police powers which the state says is on the same level as city police.

WT Economist in reply to Hedgefundguy

There are still a few left, and they are even more expensive. But at least Giuliani merged in the transit police and housing police.
But when I compare with other places, I use all public employees within a county. This makes a fair comparison between a place with county, municipal and town officers and a unified government such as NYC.

WT Economist

Given human nature, there is a rock bottom crime rate below which it is difficult to go.
In NYC, people worker if the minimum crime rate has been reached. London says no, that's still a ways away.


The difference of murder rates between London and NY is the gun ownership. Guns kill people. NRA is the main source of murder in America. Without banning terrorist group NRA, murder rate will remain high.