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Donald Trump ousts David Shulkin as VA secretary

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WT Economist

But Trump has also dumped ideological allies from outside the establishment. It's madness, but there is method to it.
Because Trump doesn't know much, and doesn't have much of viewpoint other than that he and people like himself should become better off by making others worse off (zero sum life, net contributors and responsible and caring people are losers), my wife predicted that as President he would become a puppet.
A puppet of whom? I asked.
"A puppet of whoever he chooses to become a puppet of," she replied.
"That doesn't sound like The Donald we know in New York" was my response.
This ongoing chaos is the alternative to The Donald becoming a puppet. And there is no reason to believe it is going to stop. We are going to get a full test of the idea that making the government incompetent and unjust plays to the Republican advantage.


Is Dr. Johnson being rewarded for saying that the boss is mentally competent based on a test that showed little more than that he's not catatonic?

I'm joking because I actually think the doctor had no duty to demand comprehensive cognitive testing and appoint himself as some sort of arbitter of whether the president should be removed under the 25th amendment. That duty belongs to Mr. Pence and, if he acts, the cabinet.

But I sure would love to see the results of such testing. I'm sure most of the results would fit into the broadly "norma" category where all functioning adults can be found, but I would expect very many results to be well below average and some of them troublingly so.


Perhaps Roy Moore should replace Sessions (he won't recuse himself from the "Russian affair", and has a lot of empathy for Trump's taste in feminine things; being a perfect alter egp, the President will really like him), and Ivanka can do Secretary of Interior (she is real smart, her Dad said), and Melania surely could do Treasury Secretary (she spends her budget on clothes productively), and Jr. could do Defense Secretary (will arm all Americans with semi-automatic rifles, there are a lot of games to hunt in the woods). Roseane Barr, of course, would make a perfect Education Secretary. Glory to America! Praise the Lord!


What a horrid development. The health and well-being of veterans (some as old as from Battle of Luzon, 1945), are the stake. Now made yet another pawn. These folks really went to war (and don't forget the many that followed) believing they were fighting for the ideals America stood for. IS there any decency left in Trump's way of doing politics? Reminds me of a Mississippi Steamboat gambler before the Civil War.


Even beyond whether he knows them, the utterly critical characteristic seems to be whether they look like they came from Central Casting. He's not so much running the government like his family business as like a reality TV show. Pity no decent writer is willing to work for him; the plot lines might make more sense.

Rad Oktober

It can only be a matter of time before the Department of Justice is assigned to Judge Judy and the Department of Transportation to Dale Ernhardt Jr.