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Sean Scully on painting as combat (and Zen practice)

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I guess that it is not that easy to transform Zen philosophy into a painting so his works can be quite interesting in general.


Thanks for a most interesting piece from Prospero.
At some point, precision arrived at via penetrating observations assisted by intricate calculations and a nano-second intuition merge into one. The latter is the refined and continually being refined product of the former. The process does not stop. True masters in many fields of endeavor know this, be it an appraiser of gems (he/she can appraise at a single glance) or a conductor of symphony (he/she can tell a semi- or quarter-tone off by a single player in the orchestra in a field of multiple of hundreds of tones ). Same goes for performers in a music hall each of which acoustics is unique - good or poor, a pianist, for instance, does better if he/she is able to instantly "commune with" the hall after the first bar and play to the audience who share the same acouticsnin the hall. Mr Scully put it in these words: "... the very interesting thing about Zen is that it does not separate the physical from the emotional world”; he states that he strives for a “spiritual-physical” unified field in his paintings. Yes!! Go look at Guernica. Picasso painted it. But who created it?

In the so-called "West" (I confess I don't know what the word denotes or exactly means, with the myriad issues whipped up by political partisans every minute of every day, as with words such as "PC", "Un-PC", "liberal", "conservative", "people who have reserved tickets to Heaven and people who don't", and the like), "Zen" is a word tainted and contaminated by many meanings attributed to it by folks who don't know anything about it whatsoever. Immediately such folks will jump to conjure up “incense”, “wind-chimes” and “anemic faces”, condemning all as "New Age", when Zen has been since the beginning of time assuming the person knows how far time goes back. Not sure how this quaint development came to take hold. But fake information goes a long way these days by folks who tell you they have “guaranteed tickets” to "important places".