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Why France’s farmers worry about China

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If Macron stayed for 12 hours (a presidential record) but was felt for a longer time; Indicating he outpaced time and space then the record time is truly a presidential record.


[Yet farmers’ fears go beyond the method of the purchases.]
The Chinese method of the purchases is certainly wrong. They should have done what the Whites had done in America and Australia, etc-- Just grab the land by force without paying anything. Let the Whites have a taste their own bitter medicine!


In another story (comments not allowed):
"Europeans fret that Chinese investment is a security risk" (because of William Shakespeare's famous warning of 'pound of flesh'?).


The root cause of antisemitism is economic, wrapped in labels of blood libel.
The root cause of antisinoism is economic, wrapped in labels of universal values.


Swiss Reader does have a point that not all Chinese are directed by the Chinese government but it is important to realise that many are and China is not really a free enough country that allows the average citizen to transfer money out of the country ... Those that do and there are a significant amount of them are party members in the higher ranks and a lot of them have been dealt with and some quite harshly by the president ... Remember when the US built some defence capabilities in South Korea and China had quite an effective retaliation to Korean products in China and the many times that Chinese do this to Japan ... Also, many Chinese are turning against Apple, although the effect is hard to determine because many Chinese have and like their products, because the Chinese government does not like Apple's proclamations that come close to Chinese sovereignty ... To me the important part of this article is the stark realization of what happens when Western countries become to heavily indebted that they do not have the savings to protect their land and lifestyle ... The other idea of French serving "master race ghernani", whatever "ghernani" means is a little perplexing and perhaps is the reason why Westerners cannot control themselves and act like good citizens when there is enjoyment in shocking comments ...........

Swiss Reader

There seems to be a common misconception that any investment by a Chinese person is an investment "by China". Of course it's a fact that the Chinese state exerts considerable influence on the economy, but it's certainly wrong to assume that any private investment is dictated by the government or the CCP.
Quite contrary, many private Chinese are simply interested to get a part of their personal assets safely in a Western jurisdiction, just in case. Besides, real estate is a traditional form of value in Chinese culture; as private ownership of land and specifically farmland is still impossible in China, some nice French farms are definitely attractive. There is no need to assume some sinister design behind it.


Chinese will buy all the farmland and kick out French to Germany where French serve master race ghernani. Sure French should be concerned.