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Understanding Canada’s Jews

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The US (and Canada) owe a big thank you to the Jewish people. Well, all of humanity does in innumerable ways, but that is another story.

It is sad to hear that more and more Jews identify as "white" these days and marry out.

It would be terribly tragic if the culture of Einstein, of Spinoza, of Rabbi Hillel and Tikkun Olam, were to be assimilated into that of Lee, Custer, Clinton and Trump.


"One of the characteristics of a spectrum is that you can move along it in either direction." - Last sentence in article.
By "can", I assume it means no fuss no muss from others within the faith.
That is very very nice indeed - Unlike, it seems, the other 2 Abrahamic faiths.


If I choose to identify as Jewish-Canadian regardless of my faith, ethnicity, national origin, race, etc; then, I’m Jewish-Canadian. It’s that simple. My choice.


Very well written article and illustrates a continuing struggle with identities that are effected by selective understanding of history with all the biases and prejudices ...