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Democratic smiles in Pennsylvania’s special election

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LOL! Lamb ran as a Trump Republican. I guess the new Democrat strategy for winning elections is the ole "bait and switch" routine. Run as a Republican, govern as a Democrat. Hopefully, Republican voters will see through this scam before the midterm elections. Lamb stood with Trump on every issue.


Now we need the "Reply" to work.
Otherwise, we only get 3 bullets per blog/article.
That's 2 more than Barney Fife, but still, use them wisely.


I live in the 18th district and proudly cast my ballot for Lamb yesterday. I should note that the results aren't official yet, but he should probably win.

He won because he was a good candidate. The DNC couldn't have engineered a better candidate if he tried. He resume and positions on several issues were almost perfectly tailored to appeal to conservative voters. His opponent, Rick Saccone wasn't great, but it's not like he had scandals like Roy Moore did. The only really questionable thing he did was say that his opponents hate God and the USA, which is basically the far right version of political correctness. He also didn't connect well with unions, which, despite their major problems, still are a significant voting bloc in Western PA.

If the Democrats wise up and start running candidates that can compete in Trump voting districts instead of racing to the left, then the GOP is in serious trouble. But, we all know the Democratic Party isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer, to put it mildly. It feels great to run against Trump (his stupidity is hilarious), but it's not enough, as 2016 showed. Heck, even Lamb didn't mention Trump at all. Stick to the issues. That can make a huge difference!

I know this sounds like a broken record, but you need to vote. Off topic, but every time I read about how students are furious that politicians aren't backing gun control, I say "register and vote them all out!" My generation (I'm 27) is terrible with this. They love to complain about how politics doesn't represent them, it's because they don't vote. This narrow result shows it does matter.