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What is Donald Trump hiding? The answer may bore you

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Angus Cunningham

"if I were Mr Trump, how would I behave?"

I'm not Mr. Trump. That's obvious. What is often ignored is that Donald Trump's behaviour is so bizarrely and acutely uncivilized that virtually no one can equanimously contemplate an answer to that question by our TE blogger. What we do know is that he has been a bully more times than anyone can count. Isn't that why most people are waiting for some comeuppance and, in the interim, hoping against hope that Robert Mueller will find the evidence to contain his bullying. Since so much of what is bothering many of us is his palliness with oligarchs, wouldn't we make more sense if we simply resorted to calling him 'another oligarch' and reminding ourselves that the IMF has repeatedly done and marketed research that shows inequality beyond a modest level (one far below that represented by oligarchs versus people for whom we can equanimously contemplate our TE blogger's question) is a brake on economic growth, not a stimulant.