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Why US Marines are deployed to Australia’s far north

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jouris in reply to Melissia

He does seem to be determined to check each and every box on the Tin Pot Dictator of a Backwater Country checklist. It will be fascinating to see what he comes up with for the uniform with gold braid and lots and lots of medals.

Melissia in reply to jouris

Well, considering our president is currently organizing a "grand military parade" down Washington DC in order to stroke his own ego about the power of the forces at his command like he was some kind of tinpot dictator insecure about his power... "dumb wars" are looking more and more likely.


“If someone is trying to undermine the United States, politically, diplomatically and from a security perspective, the first target would be our network of allies and partners.”
Gosh, what American politician does that sound like?


What I liked the most about this article was the neutral, non-partisan tone. I agree with the assessment of a cerebral, laid back Obama who tended to come across as an intellectual instead of a deal maker. However, that is a lot more preferable to the message coming from a Washington now.
As a 21 year old future military officer (going to candidate school in a matter of months, after graduation), I’m humbled at the chance to serve my country, but I am also scared. Not of giving my life for my country, that is an honor, but of giving it for the wrong reasons, or in a war that could have been easily avoided with less bluster or posturing.


Beautifully written piece, thanks. So true, the Northern Territory holds some of the planet's most marvelous wilderness... :)

Melissia in reply to jouris

Speaking of-- have you seen the latest budget? A 13% increase to defense spending, dwarfing every other cut to the point of having an increase in the budget deficit of a trillion dollars. Another box to check on the Tin Pot Dictator of a Backwater Country checklist-- unnecessarily large increases on defense spending.

New Freetrader in reply to jouris

One could certainly argue that Trump is damaging American alliances himself (I certainly think he is) but that sentence is much more clearly focused on the activities of China and Russia, who are making huge investments in trying to sow confusion and decrease confidence in the US as a strategic partner (which includes, of course, some of the trolls who frequent TE's comments section).

New Freetrader in reply to jouris

One could certainly argue that Trump is damaging American alliances himself (I certainly think he is) but that sentence is much more clearly focused on the activities of China and Russia, who are making huge investments in trying to sow confusion and decrease confidence in the US as a strategic partner (which includes, of course, some of the trolls who frequent TE's comments section).

Bismarx777 in reply to JAIHA

This is an interesting article

"The official Chinese news agency, Xinhua, in 2016 explained: ''Some may say an overemphasis on the Japanese background about an American general is a bit unkind.

"But to understand the American's sudden upgraded offensive in the South China Sea, it is simply impossible to ignore Admiral Harris's blood, background, political inclination and values.""

This is what Harris had to say

Second, he said, "they try to demonize me, and that's really ugly". He called the Chinese government's rhetoric "tone deaf and insulting". It is, of course, although Harris doesn't use the term, racist.

He is just an Admiral, the US doesn't go making personal attacks on Chinese admirals do they?

I think Australians need to grow a pair of balls, because right now you have been too passive aggressive toward China

JAIHA in reply to ý@ýýýýH

let me start by pointing out that I have more sympathy with your (long and winding) post than may become apparent in the following lines...
"In this 21st Century, the world dream is:
China wants to treat America as an equal-- E_Q_U_A_L, EQUAL:
“Unlike other emergent countries, China wants to be China and accepted as such, not as an honorary member of the West."
America needs to ask itself 2 questions:
1) Does it want China to treat it as an EQUAL? And
2) Is it willing to treat China as an EQUAL?
The answers to these 2 questions will determine Sino-American relationship for the rest of this century and beyond."
I have no problem accepting the point you make about China wanting to be treated as an equal (apart from the fact that the China dream is hardly the "world dream"... I mean, obviously not.). Chinese have every right to ask to be treated as equals. Everyone has, including Tibetans and Uighurs.
I'm not an American citizen, though, and I couldn't care less what the American answer is to the dick measuring contest that's going on.
I'm concerned with freedom only. I love freedom! And China's current system is one that suppresses freedom. So I'm not for it, never going to be.
That is true for many people around the world, and it doesn't mean that one necessarily has to be pro-American for it. I don't care one bit about the US. If anything I do care a bit about China.
So let's just conclude that we're on the same page on that but have different perceptions and preferences. Which is natural.
Enjoy your day!

JAIHA in reply to ý@ýýýýH

The problem, Devil's, is that your head is stuck so far up your bottom end that you don't see the obvious...
Look at today's Age:
"The 61-year-old has a tense relationship with China, which has attacked him for his Japanese heritage (his mother is Japanese and his father was a former US sailor stationed in Japan) and his criticisms of China's militarisation of disputed islands in the South China Sea."
So, the US nominates a half-Japanese as ambassador to Australia. Australia's Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs Penny Wong, a half-Chinese, welcomes the news.
And the article is written by an Australian journalist of Korean background.
Add to that, that Indian-American White House spokesman Raj Shah might have to defend the decision in front of the media...
The only people who have a problem with this are mainland Chinese who are still trapped in an early 20th century mindset.
This is the 21st century! In the words of the Beijing Olympics:
One world one dream - Freedom for everyone!

Bismarx777 in reply to ý@ýýýýH

First I am not an Indian, I am Singaporean, And this is about Australia and its white only policy, what the f*ck does India have to do with it, my silly Hong Kong doggie; Why do you always deflect when challenged. Look India and China have crappy immigration policies, but its not about smelly India, its about Australia, since you are the one that is criticizing Australia.
I am comparing China and Australia. When was the last time an Indian was accepted into China vs when was the last time they were accept to Australia? That is the argument.
China still has a closed immigration policy. If you want to go bash some Indians, why don't you do so, my little Hong Kong doggie

JAIHA in reply to ý@ýýýýH

Easy for you to brag, too, as in China you are part of the majority group who treats minorities as it pleases...
Imagine that this is your daily life: While on your way to work or on an errand,
every 100 meters you pass a police blockhouse. Video cameras on street corners
and lamp posts recognize your face and track your movements. At multiple
checkpoints, police officers scan your ID card, your irises and the contents of your
phone. At the supermarket or the bank, you are scanned again, your bags are Xrayed
and an officer runs a wand over your body — at least if you are from the
wrong ethnic group. Members of the main group are usually waved through.
You have had to complete a survey about your ethnicity, your religious
practices and your “cultural level”; about whether you have a passport, relatives
or acquaintances abroad, and whether you know anyone who has ever been
arrested or is a member of what the state calls a “special population.”
This personal information, along with your biometric data, resides in a
database tied to your ID number. The system crunches all of this into a composite
score that ranks you as “safe,” “normal” or “unsafe.”Based on those categories,
you may or may not be allowed to visit a museum, pass through certain
neighborhoods, go to the mall, check into a hotel, rent an apartment, apply for a
job or buy a train ticket. Or you may be detained to undergo re-education, like
many thousands of other people.
A science-fiction dystopia? No. This is life in northwestern China today if you
are Uighur.

JAIHA in reply to ý@ýýýýH

You need to pay more attention to your reading comprehension, buddy...
The White Australia Policy that you brought up dealt with immigration. So Bismarck's reply was justified. How many Indians (Africans, Westerners etc.) have received Chinese citizenship?
That was his question.
You are like a dog that enjoys barking up the wrong tree (to stay with your analogy ;).
It's amazing, actually, how much patience Swamiji is showing with you...