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A guide to the Nunes memo

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Joe Marlowe

"It cites text messages calling Mr Trump an “idiot” and dreading his election win,..."
Good heavens. Who knew the man was an idiot? How shocking!
Inaccurate, too: The public has it on high authority that the man is a "f---ing moron".
The supporters of Jeb!, Marco Rubio, John Kasich, and other credible GOP primary candidates thought the same thing, too.
It is actually rather reassuring that, like the 63 million people who voted for Hillary Clinton, the Secretary of State, and those who supported most of the GOP primary candidates, members of the FBI and DOJ had a level-headed and accurate assessment of the Orange Clown.
It is hardly a demonstration of bias.
It is merely a demonstration of competence and honesty.
But, as the White House demonstrates every day, competence and honesty are not desired attributes in the current administration.


Whatever the real truth, the very fact that the presidential candidate, then president elect, then sitting president of the US, was not informed that one or more of his team were under secret surveillance and phone tapping was quite shocking... no deep state can be deeper than that.
Next, we are gonna learn that the 'beautiful big button' that he was bragging about, is actually, like the thermostat in our cubicles, not connected to anywhere...

Houshu in reply to RealJournalism

It's not some private business such as a private detective from "cheaters" (even in that case the possibility of being blackmailed is enough reason to alert the president), it is a possible foreign spy given full access to the presidency.
It seems you are saying that the need to overturn an alleged tinted election is more important than the need to protect national security, you rather take the risk on the later than accepting what you considered a tinted election result. Or, maybe, just maybe, you don't really think there is 'collusion with a foreign adversary', the accusation is just a political temper tantrum.
You believe Hoover was fully justified to wire-tap Mr. King as a possible russian spy, for he was not a candidate for any elected office?


Nunes should be prosecuted for false accusations. The paper says nothing but false propaganda from crazy Republican. Nunes doesn't deserve his post. He should quit immediately.


An argument that somebody has no motivation to mislead on US politician (here Mr Trump) because they are not citizen of US and cannot vote in elections there is dubious - there are other motivations also political that can force people to do such things. I am not saying this is what happened but that the argument is wrong. You can see by reporting on Trump that it is not honest already by focus on minute things only to discredit him. I do not think he is best president US had or could have but not everything he does is wrong, that is possible only if one has skewed views and political interests strong enough not to see or to obscure reality. Then there are arguments about outright corruption - it would not be the first time supporters of one party were involved in corruption. Again the reporting is skewed whoever one may try to read. The article is good however as in German media I read there was not much background only 'he lies again' slur.
I am not sure about reaction of others but I have reached Trump news overload in Jan/Feb last year. Now I just do not care. If it looks like he goes to war or destroys economy with one signature etc (happens in German media from time to time) I double check. Good that you wrote the article even if it contains flowed logic.

Petey Pablo

Clearly Trump is an innocent victim of a Democratic conspiracy led by:
Republican former FBI Director James Comey, appointed by George W. Bush
Republican former FBI Director Robert Mueller, appointed by Trump
Republican former FBI Director Andrew McCabe, appointed by Trump
Republican FBI Director Christopher Wray, appointed by Trump
Republican Attorney General Jeff Sessions, appointed by Trump
Republican Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, appointed by Trump
and all of the following are mere coincidence:
Former Trump aide Carter Page has been under investigation since 2013
Former Trump aide George Papadopoulos has pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI
Former Trump National Security Advisor Michael Flynn pleaded guilty to lying to investigators
Former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort and associate Rick Gates have been charged with money laundering and failing to register as foreign agents
Trump Attorney General Sessions had to recuse himself for making false statements
House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes had to recuse himself after alleged unauthorized disclosures of classified information
Imagine if a dozen Obama staffers had been caught lying about their relationship with, say, China or Venezuela, while the entire intelligence community warned that those countries had been interfering in our elections...and Obama had blamed Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch and Valerie Jarrett!

jouris in reply to Joe Marlowe

The supporters of Jeb!, Marco Rubio, John Kasich, and other credible GOP primary candidates thought the same thing, too.
And it may be worth noting that, while the Clinton campaign picked up funding for Steele's research, the original funding came from Trump's Republican opponents.

RealJournalism in reply to tjfob

The Chairman of the intelligence committee could have invited people from the FBI for a congressional hearing on FISA applications. How come he didn't do that?
Either, 1- there is no evidence that the FISA application was solely made based on the Steele's dossier, or 2-the intelligence committee itself has ignored many other cases where FISA orders were issued without enough evidence; in other words, the intelligence committee has ignored many other similar cases in the past or present and put its finger on this specific case because the chairman of the committee, Nunes, tries to undermine the FBI investigation on Trump's campaign.

jouris in reply to McGenius

Not sure if you are deliberately posting bullsh*t, or just living in an alternate reality.** Please advise.
** Because, in the real world, the professionals investigating Russian involvement in trying to influence the election were not corrupted. They just did (and are still doing) their jobs, and following where the evidence leads.

jouris in reply to McGenius

Actually, initial funding came from Trump's Republican opponents during the Republican primaries.
After the primaries, the Democrats picked it up. But the start, including the time when Steele was selected and engaged to do the research, was under Republican funding. (Sorry to blow up you favorite conspiracy theory. But that's the reality.)


Trump's attempt to "vindicate" himself is obviously not working. He literally insulted the congressman from California, who opposed the action by Nunes.

Interestingly, Trump bluntly criticized NHS today. The man promised to provide heath care for all Americans during his campaign, now many Americans are at risk to lose their health insurance under his presidency, but he comments about NHS, which is actually more popular in the UK than Trump himself in America.

This is what we are dealing with.


Citizens of some foreign nations have great interests in misleading Americans and US politicians. Without intervention of Israel lobby in the US, Israel might have faced difficulties committing war crimes against Palestinians. It is clear now that Russia, a foreign nation, intervened in the 2016 US presidential election.

However, it is quite interesting how corrupt US political system is. Since 9/11, the NSA illegally wiretapped millions of Americans. No individual was truly scrutinized, and Edward Snowden, who revealed the NSA illegal actions was called a traitor by both Democrats and Republicans.

Considering that many members of Trump's campaign had connections to Russia, the FBI had solid reasons to put any member of the Trump campaign under surveillance, including Trump himself. In other words, the Steele's dossier may have not been even needed for a FISA application.
Nevertheless, based on that memo written by his "loyal" employee in Congress, Trump attacks the FBI and desperately argues that he must be vindicated. It is clear, that the whole purpose of declassifying the memo was to present Trump as a victim and a hero who stood up for Americans' civil liberties. This must be the end of the world!

RobS66 in reply to RealJournalism

No. He should shut it down. It is a scam perpetrated by the Democratic Party. There has been NO evidence presented that the Trump campaign conspired with Russia.

In contrast, there IS evidence that the Hillary campaign conspired with Russia.