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Italian general election poll tracker

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It is farcical this lack of democracy and they still believe that the partitocracy they have is democratic. In the Italian political system there is no accountability at the end coalitions of parties will go together and create a completely new programme of government that has nothing to do with what was promised to the voters (not so bad due to the farcical promises like anti-vax, increasing pensions, staminali, reduce taxes, massive deportation, stand to the EU super-state). Furthermore, the partitocracy will make easy for any group that lose the election to buy senators/ deputies from other parties that will split and go to the bigger offer (creating new parties). Not for nothing, last 4-5 governments in Italian were unelected. I have to see that the electoral promises are so ridiculous that is beyond believed (from all the parties except for maybe W La Fisica) possible 90% of the electoral promises are impossible, illegal, completely against EU/International Laws and just crazy. And at the same time, the country real problem of: reducing the massive bureaucracy (more than 3 million in the public administration), state spending, public debt, EU super-state and bankrupted banking system are not even considered.


Italy is the only European Banana Republic. Its long history - from the Roman Empire through the Vatican Empire all the way to the Republic - ought to have created a true and honest democracy. Unfortunately it did not.
The European Union will last as long as France and Germany support it. But its days are counted since many nations see no advantage in belonging to an organization that protects 'demented bureaucracies' like the Italian type. Not to mention that the endless governments the followed the end of WW2 did not have the courage or dignity to terminate the Mussolini - Vatican Pact, an eternal slap on the face of humanity.
As far as the "Italian general election poll tracker" is concerned, maybe Berlusconi can save that Banana Republic. I pray that he does since all other politicians will do nothing apart from promises & promises.