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A travel agent is trying to charge fees for sunbeds

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Here's an idea: Nigel Farage can be gainfully employed, for the first time in his life, setting out sunbeds on the Costa del Sol. It would be a task to which his limited intellect would almost be equal, and he could derive great satisfaction from "beating the Germans" to the best poolside spots each morning. Provided his fare consists entirely of mushy peas, soggy pies, and plenty of chips (definitely not "French fries," my dear...) he'll be a happy little halfwit and can spend the remainder of his meaningless existence where he can do no further harm to Britain's interests.

Economic migrant in reply to Mike Hoy

"if someone doesn't occupy their rented spot at the appointed time, others will take them over when they see they are free,"
Good point. This is exactly what happens on trains, which already has a system to book seats. Sometimes you cannot even get to your booked seat to see if it is occupied. Seat booking on aeroplanes works because it is carefully policed, and there is a seat for everyone. It doesn't work so well anywhere else because it isn't policed and there aren't enough to go round.


When old people travel, they are removing those petro chemicals from the world. Those petro-chemicals will never return. Every flight taken for pleasure is one less unit of energy their descendants can use and since energy = money essentially, that means this is a self-defeating form of retirement (if youre interested in preserving the future for your descendants). People who dont have kids and do it are purely parasites when viewed thermodynamically.

Mike Hoy

"a market price to match demand and supply is the preferable solution to just putting up with congestion"
The number of sunbeds will not decrease and demand for them will be no less, so there will be no impact on "congestion". Also, if someone doesn't occupy their rented spot at the appointed time, others will take them over when they see they are free, leading to even more angst when the rightful owner shows up late. Finally, the images this article conjurs up are disgusting: Pasty Europeans squashed together like cattle and arguing (or paying through the nose) just to get skin cancer.