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The wait continues for a new male grand-slam champion in tennis

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I think the time is coming sooner rather than later. The game is so physically challenging today that Federer and Cilic are about the last men standing. Establishing Nadal as the favorite for Roland Garros is probably right--if he plays. Nadal, Murray, and Djokovic are all nursing injuries. Wawrinka and Nishikori, too. That's half of the start of 2017 top 10! And the young guns improve every year. They're not quite there yet, but their time will come. Even Federer says he really has no idea how long the fairy tale can continue.

I think at one time, Federer thought that either Nadal or Djokovic would ultimately win more slams than he has. I think part of the relief in Melbourne was that he now feels he's put enough distance between them, particularly given their fitness problems, so that it will not happen. GOAT.

phil mccracken

Federer, Nadal and Djokovic have all won over 10 majors then come Murray and Warincka with 3, yet you refer to the Big Four !
Shouldn't it be either the Big Three - which would be the most sensible - or if you insist that there must be Britsh representation -the Big Five ?


This is a really good chart, managing to cram lots of different rowsets into a single meaningful image. Do The Economist have their own bespoke software to create charts like this or do they use an off the shelf program?

jeanlannes in reply to phil mccracken

Absolutely right. But Murray won an Olympic title too, if not a grand slam and has 8 more losses in finals and Wawrinka just one. Wawrinka is a great player, but a late developer. I think we have to see much more from him in the next three years.