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In “Phantom Thread”, Paul Thomas Anderson weaves a masterpiece

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I attended "Phantom Thread" because Daniel Day Lewis was starring in this film.
However, my friend and I (long time fans of Daniel Day-Lewis) were so disappointed and disgusted by this film, it was diabolically dumb in my opinion.

With Daniel Day-Lewis starring in a film, I naturally assumed this movie would be sensational. I found the terribly abusive, unhealthy and dysfunctional relationship between the characters played by Daniel Day-Lewis and costar Vicky Krieps appalling, abhorrent, gruesome and heinous. Unnecessarily so!

With brilliant actors and a fabulous setting, l was shocked to witness Alma's role in poisoning her husband's food (poison mushrooms) to near death (vomiting, high fever, etc.,) as retaliation for his mistreatment and disregard of her so she could then nurture him back to health (???). Worse yet, Daniel Day-Lewis' character figures it out and in the final scenes he is willing to allow her to poison him so then she could take care of him (after more vomiting, high fever, etc., ad nauseam).

My friend and I were horrified by this film and shocked that Daniel Day-Lewis would agree to star in it????


Several times in the article, your reviewer refers to "Mr. Thomas". Assuming he means the director, shouldn't it be "Mr. Anderson", as in the first mention of the director's name?