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Five English teams are among the ten highest-earning football clubs

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From 1999 to 2012 English teams (not British) reached 7 of 14 Champions league finals, including one all English affair in 2008 (United vs Chelski)

That's better than all other leagues in that period.

They've fallen off a bit since then - but I think it's partly due to the domestic competition being far more competitive than other leagues. In the last 20 years Barcelona or Real Madrid have won La Liga 17 times. In Germany over the period Bayern Munich or Dortmund have won it 18 times. In France Lyon or PSG have won it 16 times and in Italy Juventus, AC Milan or Inter have won it 19 times. In England there's been United, Arsenal, Chelsea, Citeh and Leicester, and most times the league has been won by a few points only, including one year when it was won on goal difference (Citeh in 2012).

If you ask me I think the big continental teams have got a bit of an advantage. There is some favourable tax treatment of foreign players in Spain that allows the big clubs there to pay the same but the players get more post-tax earnings. The greater competition amongst the 4-6 big English clubs means they don't have a monopoly on the best players, whereas in La Liga Barcelona and Real Madrid hoover up most international superstars who want to play in the country.


This leads to the almost perennial question of why British clubs do not do better in international contests!