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Social media and misinformation

WhatsApp: Mark Zuckerberg’s other headache

The popular messaging service shows that Facebook’s efforts to fight fake news may fail

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Yes misinformation. What about the treatment Jordan Peterson got in British old fashion media after his botched interview on channel 4? How does TE interpret that? Misinformation?
This is just an example. The apes got the internet and few apps on top of it and now some more intelligent of them wonder why it misfired. You give the firearm to an ape and wonder what will happen. Certainly there will be no new Shakespeare work as a result, however long you will wait.


The poor folk who live on 5 Dollars a day are going MAD with Whats App. This is Zuckerberg's gift to all poor folk. He needs to understand people who live in an impoverished country and how they are different from his country men. Bring out the statistics. Employ Sociologists, and Psychologists! Write a Book! You can do it, Zuckerberg. Mark my words. You are brilliant, ruthless and saintly like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet. God bless America for producing the greatest souls of the 21st Century.

Sense Seeker

Are there any examples yet of authorities mounting a campaign to make people internet-literate? I should hope kids get this taught at school, but how to educate the older generations?


"As a result, WhatsApp has become a social network to rival Facebook in many places, particularly in poorer countries."
This suggests one of the plainest options to start attacking the undue dominance of FB in social networks (as highlighted in last week's issue): force FB to instantly spin off WhatsApp, and probably Instagram too, and let the companies sue and counter-sue each other about the features that have been copied from one to the other.


As far as “poorer countries” are concerned, if so inclined, you may like to copy-&-paste this phrase into an internet search bar & see what you find:

“ eduardo luiz saverin bentley Konfrontasi elaine andriejanssen காசிவிஸ்வநாதன் கே கா சண்முகம் USD$200 USD$400 males ஜனில் புதுச்சேரி melvin 陳萬榮 Zika ”.



It all starts with "Good Morning, family" and quickly escalates to " has been declared UNESCO world heritage site."

There's family and then there's mute-for-1-year family.

Kremilek2 in reply to Sense Seeker

Actually, it suffices to have normal critical thinking which many people lack. Once people leave the school it is difficult to teach them critical thinking. So we have to live with the fact that there is an easily manipulated herd of people.