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Some hotels charge visitors for bad reviews

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This is the problem when you don't kick up a huge fuss and leave. When you grin and bear it you end up getting screw-d.

i recently had a very mediocre Airbnb experience where i rented a beautiful house but there were no amenities - towels, kitchen utensils etc. I could have forced airbnb to put me up somewhere but left it alone coz it was just two days and too much hassle. I left a neutral public review on airbnb coz I thought the issues could be easily addressed and the actual house was lovely, but in my private feedback to the host i told them that they need to stock up a lot more. He then left a public review disparaging me and now I look bad!


Being bad and being proud about it.

Best thing would be post videos or pics along with reviews then the post can't be said to libelious and if sued by establishment or person post more on social media with details of harassment . Not all publicity is good.

Be good but don't let anyone walk all over you.


Did the Indiana couple not take some videos of the insect infestation inside the room?
I should think that ought to suffice to overcome the burden of proof in the legal tussle that ensued. Seems to me the hotel owes them compensatory damages and legal fees and costs. And since it charged them $350 on top of room fees for what sounds to be an uninhabitable room, I would go for punitive damages.The case no longer rests on contract law (the "fine-print agreement" signed upon check-in), but tort.


Seems like it would be less work to make sure one's guests have a pleasant experience than to go around suing them after the fact.


The interesting thing is what the TE is going to do or what it does after the reader react to some of it's idiotic opinions or illusions expressed in some of its nonsensical articles?


Charge for a bad review? That's theft, pure and simple. If somebody charged my credit card in such situation, first I would file a crime report at the police and then I would ask my bank to initiate chargeback to reverse the charge.


We have also stayed in inns that asked us directly only to post a 5-Star review, or none at all. But I call ‘em as I see ‘em and if a place isn’t fabulous, then they get the rating they deserve. The bigger question is about the validity of the entire online rating system employed by Google, Trip Advisor, etc. So far in my experience most ratings are reasonably accurate.