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Donald Trump gives the Iran nuclear deal a “last chance”

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If this dupe keeps toeing the Zionist line, America will wind up isolated alongside the chosenites, in Club Paranoia.

There is no evidence Iran is breaching the agreement, but Zionists need to have it their way, never mind the fact that many other countries are involved in this landmark deal. That doesn't mean anything to chosenites. What matters to them is that its always all about them.

mullah_assassin in reply to BLURR

Nuclear weapons are great insurance against regime change. George Bush rejected Iran's overtures in 2002. Now Trump is backtracking on a good deal. What does this tell you? Neocons don't have any brains, they are guided by retarded emotions.

Swiss Reader

Mr. Trump's supporters (at least those I have met) are already convinced that America is alone in a hostile world; that's why they have voted for him. The more that sense of loneliness appears to be justified, the better for Mr. Trump's popularity. Therefore he has every interest to keep alienating American allies; that has also the additional benefit that he can appear strong and macho in comparison to all those European wimps.
He is not alone. Plenty of questionable politicians from Mr. Putin to the Iranian mullahs all thrive on the narrative of having to defend their country against encirclement by evil foreigners. All that can be hoped is that eventually American voters come to their senses.

blue asgard in reply to Jonel31

Sounds like the sort of thing a Putin troll would write. Straight from the Kremlin playbook, eh comrade?
Cue really nasty put-downers, these trolls have that, at least, down pat. If nothing else.
Treason's greetings.

kiratwan in reply to Timothy D. Naegele

You should appreciate that the reporter was polite. He could have
described Trump in words that are not printable. Trump has made
it clear there should be psychological test for presidential candidates.
If done in 2016, Trump could have been ruled out.


Why would any country negotiate a treaty with US. One US administration
will do and the next one denounce it as unacceptable and abrogate
it.Europeans can bend if they want but Iran won't do. They haven't
seen much benefit from the deal as the European banks are scared
of US sanctions. As Jack Straw, former foreign secretary of UK,
suggested that Europeans need to ring fence their companies
to protect from American laws and the sanctions. It is so absurd
that UK decided to exit EU to reclaim the sovereignty just to face
consequences of American laws.


European nations have a rather strange habit: they want US to adopt their posture but when things get tough they always ask US to rescue them.
President Donald Trump believes that the Iran nuclear deal is a total and absolute failure that endangers the security of the Free World. It was signed by his predecessor, Barack Hussein Obama, the closet Islamist that finally left the White House through the back door. As it happens, US Congress agrees with President Trump even though many of the European countries that signed that deal don't agree. So what should the US Administration do? The answer seems more than obvious: Europe should maintain the deal as is while US (and Canada) will terminate it ASAP.
P. S. To avoid future frictions between allies maybe NATO ought to be disbanded and replaced by, say, European Defense Forces (EDEF). This seems like the ideal solution to a complicated situation that will certainly get worse in the near future.

RealJournalism in reply to kiratwan

The US middle eastern policy has been corrupted by Israel for many many years.
Israelis pushed for war on Iraq and now they push for war on Iran. In fact, if there is no deal, the only viable option to stop Iran from developing nuclear weapon would be war.


George W Bush cancelled North Korea nuclear deal. What happened now is that North Korea not only has hydrogen bombs but also ICBMs capable of hitting major US cities. Was that a good policy? Sh*thole Donald Kid wants to cancel nuclear deal with Iran. Iran will quickly arms herself with hydrogen bombs and ICBMs capable of hitting not only Israhell but also US cities. Kid Donald doesn't understand anything little complex. He's suffering from Alzheimer's and dementia. He must be remove from the office before he starts WWIII.

RealJournalism in reply to teacup775

Once again, did Carter do anything when Khomeini executed thousands of political dissidents in Iran? The answer is no. He failed to see the hostage crisis was coming, and he was clearly incapable of managing that crisis.

Also, being a devot Christian Baptist, a farmer, etc. are excellent, but are not enough to qualify one as president. I believe, Carter's efforts to make peace between Israelis and Egypt were great; however, with respect to Iran, he just screwed up.

teacup775 in reply to RealJournalism

Carter didn’t side. He told the Shah to back off brutal repression. Carter paid the price for the enmity the Shah’s rule generated.

The US deposed and destroyed the Democratic goverment of Iran and put the Shah in power to preserve American oil interests.

Ronald Reagan funded the Taliban as “freedom fighters”. He cut and ran in Beruit.

Follow the thread of history in the region. Nobody comes up roses or looking smart.


Destroying the Iran's nuclear deal would create a crisis and this is what Trump wants. Crisis in the region would bring profits to many of his friends.
It is quite interesting that the main stream media credit mullahs for gaining influence in the region. In reality, the failing US policy in the Middle East is the underlying reason for mullahs to succeed. In other words, the US policy in the region is a gift to the mullahs.
Trump's approach towards N. Korea failed and now he thinks he has a good relationship with Kim !! His Israeli-Palestinian peace plan turned out to be a joke. Finally, when dealing with China, Trump is the underdog to Xi. Trump can easily walk away from the nuclear deal, but he can never succeed to make a better deal with Iran.
On the other hand, imposing sanction on Iran's head of judiciary and others could be a great move by Trump especially if it would be related to Iran's human rights violations.


Mutual trust, either between the society and its leaders or between the nations, is a bonding factor in the modern societies. Many Iranians (regardless of their political views) have lost their trust in the Western world governments. Mr Trump’s constant rage over the nuclear deal undermines the credibility of any international agreement! He did not certify Iran’s commitment to the deal, despite all positive notes from the IAEA and requests from his allies in Europe. This strengthens the position of hardliners who blame Mr Rouhani for trusting the West, and discourages many ordinary citizens. How can Trump or anyone else expect any positive outcome here?!

RealJournalism in reply to Clement P

"Is he wrong?"
Yes he is wrong!
The US allies in that region are mostly war criminals and probably worse than mullahs. This is why the Islamic dictatorship in Iran has more influence than the US and its allies all together. Gurgling Netanyahu's crap, Trump implements an even more radical version of what has been for the past several decades the US policy in the Middle East.