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Trust me, I’m a journalist

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Face it:
- College journalism professors are leftists
- Journalism majors attract leftists
- Leftists reject morality and religion
- Leftists support socialism and communism
- Journalists will do anything to make a remarkable story
- Journalists lie
Over 90% of journalism majors are leftists and you wonder why the media is biased? Until truth, logic, and reason return to journalism this unwanted cultural aberration will continue. Add to this aberrant phenomena the fact that people--like George Soros--pump millions into influencing these young, impressionable, leftist, naive, nitwits and you have the mess that we have now.
The time has come to realize that the left wants to destroy everything that most normal people hold dear. The left, including most Democrats, want to destroy the United States and the west to create a fascist, socialist, one world where we live under a governing dictator who will take care of everyone. Their vision is a sickness and it must be fought or the human race will be destroyed.
Just remember, Hitler was a socialist who wanted the same type of over-controlled world order. Yes, he wanted to kill unwanted minorities, just like Margaret Sanger (Hillary's dream mentor) who wanted to kill black babies and helped found Planned Parenthood. When will the masses wake up to this evil?

guest-aaloiwom in reply to guest-ajalease

I would be interested in objective percentage of left-wing versus right-wing people in journalism and media school.
You comparison to Hitler may be unfounded. However huge excess of left-wing journalists is a fact. As well as the inability of left-wing journalists to stick to facts and their uncontrollable drive to indoctrinate people.
Ah, and Putin is post-communist and left-winger too, according to himself.


It is telling that China is not even included on the list. China longs to be viewed as global leader, yet deny their citizens fundamental freedoms. Over the last quarter century, western investors and companies entered into laughably horrible deals with the Chinese, blinded by greed over the size of the (potential) market, naively thinking it would open up to them. Our hypocrisy will be our undoing.


Interesting to note how countries with populist governments consistently fall below the trend line, implying that people trust the media, relatively, less in those countries.
I'm talking about India, Hungary, Russia, Greece, Poland, and of course the USA.
It would be even more interesting to see a version of this plot that changes over time. I suspect there might be some universal political rule waiting to be discovered there.

guest-aaloiwom in reply to guest-aaiemaea

Because journalists are, in huge excess, left-wing to extreme left-wing, then countries where people vote right trust the media less. It doesn't help that journalists in these countries typically run crazy anti-right propaganda war which further erodes trust of people in journalism.


Trusting TE is like trusting Weinstein.
Weinstein tried to manipulate fiction into a "Truth" or "Pravda" as Putin will say.
Singular,Trump has entered the Oxford Dictionary to call this falsification of honesty "fake news".
"Trust me" and TE will lead you to beyond a literal dimension into Realty 3.0 with manipulated facts,
an out of touch Realism of common man -- yes, to a Land of untouchable "Hope" as preached
by Messiah Obama the manipulator of GPS Fusion dossier--the real story---the real Truth !!!!!!!!!

BIGBIRD1 in reply to evidencematters

My point is beyond your naive fundamentalism-its called ethics in freedom of speech.
Go and live in Russia,China or King Kong Land then you may place facts before
your NOTHING remark.
Its freeloaders like yourself that may Weinstein viable and free speech defunct.
OR like you would summarise "DE-f--ked."

evidencematters in reply to BIGBIRD1

I still can't make any sense of what you are saying.

"Its freeloaders like yourself that may Weinstein viable and free speech defunct."

What kind of grammar is that? Who the heck is Weinstein? How the heck has anything I have ever done or said affected this person?


"Distrust of news organisations is likely to erode trust in government, too"
Sorry, The Economist, but I think you've made an elementary mistake: correlation does not imply causation.
Sure, I agree that Trump's "fake news" narrative has increased distrust in news organisations (in the U.S. and around the world), but to jump to your conclusion is a major, major stretch.
I suspect there's another factor in play affecting both responses: optimism in the future.


Why WOULD you trust a journalist? You know what they're going to say before they say it:
Liberal Journalist: Trump is a jerk; Trump's voters are racists; somebody discriminated against a {woman, minority, gay person}; life stinks; here's the crisis du jour.
Conservative Journalist: The mainstream press isn't giving Trump a fair hearing. Life is good. Every able-bodied person in the USA can become a millionaire in two years if they learn how to work, refrain from strong drink, and invest wisely. People who take welfare should be sterilized.
Then if a Democrat gets elected President in 2020 there will be a role-reversal. Life will become perfect overnight, while Conservatives moan and groan.
That's all you need to know about journalists.

CaptainRon in reply to Langosta

Journalism became that way because of news sources like Fox News. When Reagan killed the fairness doctrine and rid restrictions of media companies to dominate local markets it let the genie out of the bottle. Now companies see news as a revenue source and not a service to their viewers.


It is. Noteworthy that the very good friends The USA and Israel were singled out and that is pefectly understandable .
Both are the bastions of retrogressive regimes and exploitative political doctrines that mold their lives and behavior: The Imperialism of the USA and the Zionism of Israel, both are truly anti progressive , retrogressive and deeply tainted with their own complexes that allow both to pretend Exceptionalism and expect servility .
In both their respective cases their prime victim is their own people The USA has lost respect and standing even before Trump with George W, and Israel is being progressively unveiled as the racist state that it is.
Recent deliberations at the UNSC
Rave precious doubts that both are deeply hated!
Omar Inrahim


A chart which compares trust in journalists in Britain and the USA over years with changes of e.g. corporate structure of newspapers, would be welcome. A measure of how closely tied are newspapers with big business and politicians would more correctly point the problem.

Daily newspaper circulation has been declining for decades. Most people get their news from Internet or television and radio. In the case of television and radio In the UK, all broadcasters are required to provide fair and balanced news and are regulated accordingly. The BBC and Channel 4 are not owned by corporate interests; ITV is a stand alone corporation and the dominant pay-TV operator, Sky, reaches only about half of British households.

Your facts do not stack up.


Analysis of this chart would need independent, objective metric of truthfulness of journalists. It can be that citizens of a country distrust journalists because of citizens, or because journalist in the country is unreliable, or both.


Why would anyone trust journalists or politicians to tell the truth? Having had first hand experience of the dishonest reporting by journalists and politician reputations precede them, I would not regard any of them as being anything but bottom feeders. They would all outdo themselves at a lawyers convention. To paraphrase Camille Paglia, 'they are just too middle-class to do any good'.


A positive and good correlation between trust in media and belief in their government. However, the stark difference between Greece and Tanzania is something to be noted. Verily, would one trust anybody when their country's economic condition continues to be stressful?
Not all journalists are sincere or reliable, some keep churning up questionable facts or fake news. Beware.


We deserve both an independent, fair minded and objective press, and something other than a dolt for President. We have neither, and its only been getting unceasingly worse for the last 30 years.


A poll by Rasmussen has already beat the serial lying, senile pussy grabber to the punch. In the Rasmussen poll, a plurality of Americans gave Fox News (aka the Sexual Harassment Channel) the Fake News Trophy. Read about it here:
Fox therefore is "the enemy of the people". Fox is also the Dump Whisperer and Putin's useful idiot.


Based on the headline...
Which one is "journalism" and which one is "reporting?"
Remains found in wooded area identified as missing woman Keila Freeman; husband charged with murder
Husband charged with grisly killing of transgender pageant founder
Hint: Journalists use adverbs and adjectives.


The effect is dependent from how high standard of journalism is expected in a country.
Increasing proportion of young people consider journalists as public relation department of businessmen owning media company, and just shrug and don't expect anything but half-truths.
Is this kind of decrease of dissatisfaction with journalism welcome, TE?


"Distrust of news organisations is likely to erode trust in government, too. That bodes ill for America’s president"
The above headline is exactly why I distrust The Economist and the media. This is twisted amoralism. The media (including The Economist) keeps lying about Trump, gets called out for their lies about Trump, then turn around and say that mission nonetheless accomplished (that they have hurt Trump despite being exposed as willful and habitual liars).
The Western mass media is not much better than China's People Daily.

bunker1969 in reply to Hippogriff

I recall TE writing "Mr. Trump wants to deport ALL immigrants" rather than telling the truth such as "all illegal FELLONS immigrants just as his predecessor did". BTW according to Gov. Stats more deportations occurred in 2016 under the BO Admin. than in 2017 under the DT Admin. Sorry I cannot direct you to the specific article it was published some 6 months ago.

evidencematters in reply to Fourierr

The Economist does not "lie" about Trump. It may publish stuff that is critical of Trump, but that is not the same thing.

If you wish to scream that The Economist is lying, back it up with evidence.

"The Western mass media is not much better than China's People Daily." That is a really stupid comment.

CaptainRon in reply to bunker1969

That's a lie on your part there. Trump is deporting people who have committed no other crimes while it was the policy of the Obama administration to only deport those who were accused of other crimes. That you believe their propaganda show just how ingrained you are. Fake news is what got Trump elected. He took the fake news to label those critical of him.


Fake news is now any news which is critical of Trump. It was previously fake news that got Trump elected. The right has no problem with fake when it promotes their world view. Or perhaps you really believe that the Muslim from Kenya was going to invade Texas, put all white Christians in FEMA camps, allow Ebola to effect everyone and take all our guns.


" Trust me, I'm a journalist "...yeah, right....I mean what are your credentials?...other than the fact that you can string a bunch of words noted below the onus is really on the reader to use some common sense to filter out the b.s. from the facts; that means reading from both sides of the spectrum...but, in most cases one's biases tilt them in one direction...



Mexico is NOT in south america.

I realize that dividing the world into continents is not as clear as it might seem at first sight, and that both geographical or cultural divisions of the planet result in anything from 3 to 8 continents, but no matter how you slice it, Mexico is not in southern hemisphere. The country is usually considered to be in North America when we take a geographical division or in Latin America, when we take a cultural division.