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Joe Arpaio’s Senate bid

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Supporting the candidate who you had to Pardon after he was convicted of continually violating the rights of US Citizens = Making America Great Again?
Sure, why not? Makes about as much sense as anything else these days.....


Ridiculous..! The State of Arizona paid more than 35 millions for lawsuits caused by Arpaio. This man is mentally ill like Trump!

ashbird in reply to California Dreamer

In the beginning, a Birther should not have been accepted to run for President. The was the First Big Bang Lie. That much is stark clear. But this is the quality of our electorate - see no evil, know no evil; do some though, the more the merrier, or life will be too dull.


Why not? What Sessions fails to evict, Arpaio can lock up. Orange top and pinky undies make a psychidelic vision test even a great-grand can pass. Allelujah, Praise the Lord!

guest-ajanwolo in reply to nannite

The 85 yr old racist grandpa could also try other things apart from being a politician... Like gardening, or just wait to die of a stroke or something.
An electorate should never vote for a guy 85 yrs old and let him be a public charge - which he has been throughout his life.

Tom Meadowcroft

It is a novel strategy to produce a Democratic Senator from Arizona. Would 85-year-old Joe have noticed just who was helping him get his nomination papers in? This is very clever tactically for the Dems. I wonder if Joe knows he running?


I like Sheriff Joe, but come on, 85 is too old, especially for the Senate, which has six-year terms.


I always found it odd that those willing to overlook his blatant breaking of the law are the same ones who spoke out loudest claiming Obama was also not following the law. Just ignore that Obama deported many more than his predecessors and on par with Trump. The difference is that Obama utilized his limited resources for the criminal element rather than to go after those who have otherwise not committed crimes. Trump seems to like to go after low hanging fruit and despite campaign promises is splitting up families to do so using their reactions to stoke his base.


One way to assure a Democrat win, as just happened in ALABAMA is to have Arpaio win the nod from the REPUBS. The demographics are changing in Arizona and the race that just ended ought to have shown the Bannon-types that his message succeeded through a fluke for TRUMP (largely due to monumental Democrat failures in Michigan and Wisconsin and Penn) but is becoming toxic.