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Measuring the Trump bump

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WT Economist

Donald Trump plays the media like a violin. I though he was in my face when he was a New York developer back in the day, but now you can't get away from him.
Supposedly he gave an off the cuff interview with a New York Times reporter and said "you have me so much you love me," because suddenly they are making money again and he's the reason. Any doubt that he's right?
Issues, facts, trends? It's all tweets over here. I don't have cable, don't visit those garbage purveyors of either stripe, but I can't turn him off.
Basically the media realized it was manipulated into creating a frankenstein, and tried to kill it. But the monster just keeps growing.


Kid Donald Trump is surrounded by people who think he's a child idiot. As I suggested before, he's suffering from advanced state of Alzheimer's and dementia. Trump's kiddish argument with another kid Kim JungUn is very dangerous. It could lead to WWIII nuclear holocaust.

CaptainRon in reply to WilliamDonelson

It was fake news that got him elected along with the media fascination. Trump created much of the controversy in the campaign with his own outlandish statements and it continues on. He was right, he could actually kill someone on the street and his followers wouldn't care. He's that bad soap opera that people can't turn off.

CaptainRon in reply to statusquocritical

Again with the Trump is honest and straightforward line. While he may say repugnant things that nobody else can say he is also constantly putting out false information. You can't really have it both ways saying he is playing a character and he is forthright. I also don't think its effective to be bullying though it is forceful. Your last statement is interesting as it could be both. We could have a great avalanche of our own aggregate selfishness that leads to new heights of personal and national economic success though such success can only be made upon the backs of those it leaves behind. We've had great growth in the last 30 years, but most of that growth has gone to a small percentage of the population.


I am not convinced that "Mr Trump is currently probing new depths of unpopularity" as much as new heights of fascination, celebrity, curiosity, and distraction. It is too easy to assign buffoonery, evil, or gross negligence on such a creature as he plays a character for which we have little previous experience in a role of presidency with which we believed we knew all the parameters. He has, quite honestly, made his values, methodologies, and goals painfully clear. Though I am not a person to suggest that the Ends justifies the Means, Mr. Trump is conducting himself as an effective and forceful, if not traditionally presidential, player in an otherwise almost impossible job. We, perhaps, should not blame him for his persona, but ourselves and the other heads of state in this graphic, for being the types to be attracted to such a value system and therefore expose our own (perhaps previously hidden and unrecognized) ideas of success and means of gaining that success. This presidency may have been (and will continue to be) a necessary trial of fire to expose the underlying hypocrisy, contempt, and opportunism of our everyday lives. He has shown us a certain possible future and the means to which we may (only?) get to that future, and unlike most other Heads, that he means to plow through any obstacles to expose the path, the destination, and its consequences. The most fascinating thing about this whole experiment/ experience is that many of us may, in future retrospect, find that the promised goal of hyper-nationalistic economic focus may be worth the path of disruption. It makes me recall many of Gordon Gecko's infamous sound bites and predictions in a film prominent at a time of Trump's own financial ascendency. For soon these Trump Bumps may soon become Trump Cliffs - will it lead to new heights of personal and national economic success or as a great avalanche from an immense height of our own aggregate selfishness - only the next 3 (or 7) years remain to tell us.