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“The Vagina Monologues”, 20 years on

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ashbird in reply to A Reasoned Voice

Indeed, the idea that *equal* does NOT mean *the same* never occurs to folks who conceive of the misconception and guard it and nurture it with titanic might.
If *equal" means "the same", then among the gender that is "male", there is mighty little equality indeed. Some are lauded Einsteins who master the violin for temperance of thought and passion, some are self-declared geniuses who spouts bizarre and violent assertions on a daily basis.
And then, as the article notes, there are lots of folks out of the closets these days who are in the category of transgender. Among transgeners, they are not all the same either.
And at birth, pre-made by the Almighty, not one iota the work of Man, there are people born with BOTH male and female genitalia. They are classified under the biologic nomenclature hermaphrodite or intersex. To be utterly explicit, the baby emerges from the mother's birth canal bearing both a penis and a vagina.
What then?
It is said the absence of a curious and inquring mind indeed equals to the death of a human mind. Such minds generally believe what it knows is all there is to know, yesterday, today and forever tomorrow.

ashbird in reply to Perrodin

"Equality" deals with legal rights. Sameness deals with whether 2 or more entities bearing the same lable are the same.
Some examples of equality in legal rights are: Equal pay for equal work, Equal First Amendment freedom of speech (which includes freedom from malicious ad hominem attacks), Equal opportunity to education, Equal treatment on the measure of Demonstrated Merit....etc. etc.
As could be seen already from these 4 examples, all people, men and women and transgen and hermaphrodites alike, are NOT the same in genitalia and brain when they come out of the birth canal. Cf. also reply to A Reasoned Voice above.

Senior Commentator

Talking about one's vagina and gender equality in one breath is like trying to square the circle. Half the population is of a gender without a vagina which by definition makes gender equality impossible. It is somewhat worrying that simple facts like these have to be explained in our modern confused times. Societies since the stone age have been organized around the fact that the genders are not equal.

Societies since the stone age have been organized around the fact that people are not equal. And despite that, the Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution had the audacity to establish a society based on that ideal.

It is more than somewhat worrying that in modern times, simple facts like this still have to be explained to confused folks like you.

You clearly have a fundamental misunderstanding of the term "gender equality", and I will venture to bet that you have never seen nor read the Vagina Monologues to understand the issues being raised.

A. Andros

Whether to shave one's pubic hair, should one be female, is the Platonic Ideal of a First World problem.
Here are a few of the things against which a vagina offers little protection: old age; cancer; arthritis; loss of life-partner; death of a child; joblessness in middle age and that usually means for life; mental illness -- especially clinical depression; alzheimer's disease and other types of senescence common among the elderly; poverty in later life; unloving and inattentive offspring; elder abuse in nursing homes; long, pointless days filled with fading memories and ennui toward the "future;" fear of death; death itself; the passing of dear friends. This is only a partial list of the afflictions that attend our lives.
Review all of the above and realize that these cannot be sorted on the basis of sex. People with vaginas get cancer, lose friends and drift-off into senility at about the same rate as people with penises. These are among the outcomes that arise from being human. A narcissistic fascination with one's genitals and a persecution complex will not, regardless of sex, preclude the universal sources of sadness and despair.
One can shout "I am woman/I am invincible" and so defy the world -- until the oncologist asks you to come in and talk-over something he saw on your chest x-ray. Shopping for a wig to wear during chemotherapy isn't any more cheering even if one is cleft instead of combed.
So, shake your fist, take your daughter to work and wear your pussy hat all you want. In the end, and it is closer than you imagine, life is going to break you. Your vagina won't save you. Nothing will rescue you -- but humility might make it all more bearable.


It was all going so well until the third wave feminists came in and ruined everything with their supreme ignorance.
Why is The Vagina Monologues not about boys who think they are girls? Because boys don't have vaginas, you moron!
Why is The Vagina Monologues only about white women? What makes you think that only white women have periods and give birth?
Why does The Vagina Monologues focus so much on one part of the female anatomy? Because it is that part of the body which, outwardly, makes women different from men.
Why do third wave feminists want the play to be about everything else except what it actually is about? Third wave feminism is a cancer on modern society and holds women back.


Wasn’t TVM condemned by Trangender feminists for not taking into account that “not all women have vagina” or some kind of crap like that I read somewhere...


Violence and sexual abuse against women is never acceptable and should be brought to light and prosecuted...but where is the # Me too movement heading?'s gotten to the point that an accusation = conviction and a pat on the arm or shoulder is considered a sexual assault...I think the pendulum is swinging beyond its rightful intention and the law of unintended consequences could kick in...


Since 'gender' is a self-identifiable trait, wouldn't the 'efficient market theory' automatically achieves the nirvana of gender equality?

A Reasoned Voice in reply to KillingSpree

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal...."

So you believe that the Declaration of Independence, and a fundamental principle of the United States and Western thought is a ridiculous notion? Good luck with that one.

A Reasoned Voice in reply to Langosta

I suppose there are some pre-adolescent boys who would think that comment is funny and appropriate to post? Those over the age of 15, not so much.

Unfortunately it looks like you still think acting like an immature 10 year old boy is acceptable behavior among adults? Still giggling at the use of the word "vagina"?

And thus, illustrates the reason that Vagina Monologues is so relevant and necessary 20 years after its inception. Despite the rhetoric, some men haven't learned a thing.


Women vote with their pocket books. "Fifty Shades of Grey" sold 125 million copies worldwide. Can Eve's play come close to that?

The original version contained the line "If it was rape, it was good rape".