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Theresa May wastes an opportunity to regalvanise her party

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So, like what was Baggy expecting her to do? Emulate Vlad and Erdogan by filling the prisons with her critics ... and decorating the steps of Westminster with dead bodies with two bullets in their brains? He seems almost disappointed that it was bloodless.
The country is divided and May's party is divided ... and she can't alienate any faction of either group, no matter how much she might like to. At the same time she has to conjure something that gets the UK out of the EU with minimal damage, she also has to keep the factions from lunging for each others' throats ... and hers too.
She's got the toughest job in the world at the moment. And if she can keep it together and pull it off, it'll be the accomplishment of the century ... and Baggy will still be sniping from the sidelines at it and at her.

MrR.Fox in reply to dhaulagiri

Fine, fella' - you wring your hands, cluck your tongue and curse the darkness ... May's the one who has to light the candle from inside the eye of the hurricane. Baggy and you seem to think that's an easy task. Get real.
She has no choice but to soldier-on and play the cards she's been dealt ... even if she did deal herself a busted hand from the bottom of the deck. Baggy's sniping and your whining don't contribute anything to the effort.


The Tory government is a car full of teenagers, barrelling downhill faster and faster towards the Brexit bridge abutment, while arguing over which radio station to switch on.


The Tory party is so full of incompetent non-entities that any reshuffle was going to be none-news but May has excelled herself in terms of being an ineffectual master / mistress of anti-climax. The least she could have done would have been to get shot of the incompetent, vapid Hunt and the obnoxious Johnson.

blue asgard

'Theresa May wastes an opportunity to regalvanise her party'.
Why am I not surprised?
It has become increasingly clear in recent months that leaders have to be charismatic. The more poisonous the snake oil they peddle, the more charismatic they have to be. Charisma isn't something you acquire or can cultivate, you have it or you don't. Mrs Maybenot doesn't have it.
Caution was never the defining characteristic of a charismatic. Her caution has led to some amazingly poor decisions (her appointments, the toxic policies in the manifesto etc.). Even if she doesn't feel it she has to be bold, and seen to be bold. All her constraints are of her own invention.


Cabinet reshuffles are the hallmark of a dysfunctional government. People who cannot do their jobs well are shunted into other positions in the belief that they will magically become competent. Never any thought of replacing the mediocre talent with highly-qualified individuals.
As an American perhaps I shouldn't be critical given the dire state of presidential appointments over here. But I've always been a big fan of the UK and watching the precipitous decline into Brexit and the threat of Jeremy Corbyn as prime minister is painful. Your deplorables are dead set on destroying their country, just as ours are. Sic semper gloria mundi.

dhaulagiri in reply to MrR.Fox

Now now foxy lad; Baggy as you so patronisingly call him, was probably not expecting her to do anything, that was not really his job. And putting nasty words into his mouth (as per Vlado and Erdo) and your whole para 1 gets you precisely nowhere. Para two starts well, the country is divided, say that again brother. Then we have conjuring... basically all that is left. But not very encouraging for us involved citizens. We need a little more than rabbits out of hats. Then we have the grand words of para 3 and toughest job in the world... Well well well, and how pray might she have got herself into that morasse. Current English/GB politics for us outside looking in continues to be a sad joke. And when you realise it's on you, perhaps you will think otherwise. Shuffle, shuffle, toil and trouble. Seems things continue on their way downhill.


Errr - Patrick McLoughlin is not the longest serving MP in the current Parliament - Ken Clarke is and holds the title of Father of the House


Prime Ministers often face constraints on their freedom of manoeuvre on reshuffles. But they seldom advertise their impotence as effectively as May has.

We knew that she was too weak to sack Lord Haw Haw - the most implausible Foreign Secretary in living memory (George Brown included). But it is astonishing that a PM should encounter in mid-shuffle two Secretaries of State who simply refuse to move to a new job. And it does not say much for May's judgement that, of these two, it was Hunt she chose to save and Greening she let go.

chinachip in reply to WilliamDonelson

I sadly agree, but humbly suggest you/we inject the gentle euphemism "Medicated" between the "of", and "teenagers".
In bi-parallel between that thought and the Democrats fuss over Trump's "stable genius" & his physical/mental wellbeing, I think the public and civilization should have better access to the, hehe, "medical records" of all leaders that have decision-making, law-creation, enforcement, and military command powers over "their people" liked you and me. 100% transparency?
If PM TM and crew are on or off questionable meds, should not voters know about it? Wouldn't that be a key part of the vetting and voter decision-making process? Would a fully sober TM with a strong back ground in HISTORY (instead of only "politics") have taken the ludicrous risk of a vote on BSexit? Was she on of off her meds? I wish her and #10 gang well, but not steering my/our ship of state.
Good God! Could JBC be a better bet so the Chinese can show/advise/induce him to do with the UK what Beijing's done with such staggering success in the last few decades with China? But would Albonians obey such disciplines for a few decades as the Chinese have Beijing since 1949, just that eye-blink ago?
Whoa! Shocking thoughts those, huh? I wonder, sincerely! Is it time to learn Chinese and marry Dragon Lady Suzy Wong? Or at lease Frau Himmel or Md de Labelle? (etc...)
;- )

evidencematters in reply to erniejpdx

Yer, looks as if, in the UK, we have suffered from a coup d'etat by the reactionary right of the Conservative party. They grabbed power through the Brexit referendum rather than through a general election.

Underlying the problem is the long-term demise of the Conservative Party. It now appears to have no more than 70,000 members. Worse still they are ageing - some half appear to be over 65 (somewhat like UKIP).

Out of touch, incompetent and unrepresentative.

evidencematters in reply to MrR.Fox

We, that's your view. Seems to me that May has the easiest job any UK prime minister has ever had. She's nothing more than a chairman of the government, without decision making power. It's others who are making the decisions. All she can do is sit back and watch. Unable to influence anything, she's a non-politicisian without a job.