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“All the Money in the World” is a technical masterstroke

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I a prrrenial debtionaire disagree , very hotly, with the billionaire.
Had I been in his shoes I would have sacrificed all y
I’ve and resources paid what was. Ecrssary at the time
THEN consacrsted all my lie, what remained of it, and all my resources to engage the best private and semi official at catching thieves/kidnappers to catch up the criminals and bring them , first, to my Justice then to the states’
The search for the criminals should not be hindered neither , of course, money nor,by any sentimental considerations .I will begger them and make them live the most. Sordid life to show other criminals what to expect

Robert Musil

All The Money In The World raises the fundamental question of how the heck films like this financial turkey get greenlighted by a studio, something that seems to be happening with increasing frequency.
This movie has an admitted production budget of at least $50 million, where $10 million was needed to erase all traces of Kevin Spacey, and it is not clear if that extra $10 million is in the $50 million. Add to that $25 million in promotion costs (a rule of thumb). So the studio has something like $75 million sunk into this movie.
As of yesterday, January 7, the film had grossed $20,153,135.00 domestically with an additional $7.5 million in international. The film is fading fast, with a drop of more than 35% in revenue despite a 49% increase in the number of theaters showing it.
In other words, All The Money In The World is a financial disaster.