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The sudden demise of Donald Trump’s voter-fraud commission

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Let's remember that notwithstanding the disbanding of the commission, AG Sessions is still in there quietly beavering away at voter suppression

CaptainRon in reply to McGenius

Nobody would fall for such an obvious charade. The administration stated that the commission was shut down despite massive evidence of fraud, but gave no indication what that fraud might be. Seemingly the only evidence is that Trump lost the popular vote. The real fraud is the commission.

NickyGoodtimes in reply to cs r

"It's hard to know how much voter fraud exists because lefties suppress any investigation. "
Yet the GOP refused to even let their Dem counterparts in on almost ANY element of this 'voter fraud task force'.
Don't let facts get in the way of your screeching, CS....

NickyGoodtimes in reply to McGenius

"People fell for the idea of Russian collusion. "
Once Mueller's investigation wraps up....and IF that does INDEED demonstrate collusion- would you be man enough to have the intellectual honesty and character to admit you were wrong the entire time?
Yes or No. There is no equivocation needed.....

I own a store in Atlanta and I have numerous black customers whose lives are not falling apart due to welfare policies, who seem like very nice people, with active inner lives with normal desires and drives, and who talk and behave pretty much exactly like my white customers. Perhaps you should talk to a diverse, age-differentiated range of people and gather more current information, so that you won't post this antiquated drivel.

"Liberal Progressive Democrats have destroyed black Americans with their addictive destructive welfare policy that bribes black moms to dump their children's father...."
We're at the "Straight from the ignorant feverswamp of Breitbart comment boards" part of the day already? Time flies....

Tokarian in reply to cs r

Judging from the way Repugnican states gerrymander constituency boundaries to their own advantage I think you rest assured that any voter fraud would benefit the right wing.

NickyGoodtimes in reply to Sanoran

"Poor urban areas, with lots of minorities (who don't drive anyway), are popular with with voter fraud. "
If it is SO popular with voter fraud..... actual, criminal, and prosecutable case of people voting illegally- not to mention doing so to such a degree that it has an actual impact on an election!- then you should have NO PROBLEM citing multiple examples of such.
Go ahead and do so.
We'll wait....
"......while opposing any investigation into domestic corruption."
Nice try. When the GOP does not even bother to keep the Dems on this committee even informed of what they are doing, how in the heck can it be that DEMOCRATS were opposing it????
Tell you what- we're going to play a hand of cards and wager your house on it. Except I will not actually deal you any cards, you will not see what I have in my hand, and you MUST take my word for it. Sound good?

CaptainRon in reply to AKPAN54

That's not the only problem. Why would the media lend credence when no evidence was given? We had a Secretary of State in Iowa elected entirely on the premise that he would eliminate voter fraud. He has found six cases that he was able to prosecute and most of those were due to error.

NickyGoodtimes in reply to McGenius

That strawman is so laughably pathetic that Dorothy is going to help you find a brain....
Please show me where I said I would "remove an elected President t from office for having not committed a crime". Someone is certainly having fantasies- got a mirror?
I'm willing to bet that if one clicked on your name and looked at the historical trend of your comments, we would see an evolution from "Fake News! There was no Russian interference in the election!" to "So what if the Russians did something?" to "There was never any collusion!" and all the way to the current "But collusion is not a crime!" and "So what if they did collude- there was no crime!"......
Again, the etymology of the "Mc" surname means "Son Of"....and in your case, the "Genius" part skipped a generation.


President Dipshit wanted to create an excuse for why he lost the popular vote. F him. Neither a majority nor a plurality wanted this stupid, serial lying asshole as their president.
Putin is laughing. "My puppet gets beat by nearly 3 million votes, and I still put my puppet in the White House. I love the Electoral College. I bet I can pull the same trick in 2020."

jouris in reply to CaptainRon

Puerto Ricans are Americans. They can vote legally. There is also no Democratic or Republican party in Puerto Rico.
Actually, there is a Republican Party of Puerto Rico. Has been for decades. They even have a primary, and the winning delegates have the same votes as other delegates in choosing the party's nominee for President.

jouris in reply to McGenius

the Whole point of getting illegal aliens across the border is to vote Democrat.
On the contrary, the whole point is to provide labor, especially cheap labor. Which is why efforts to reduce it are so unpopular in red states near the border. Want to hear emotional objections to Trump's proposed border wall? Talk to (mostly Republican) landowners along the border in Texas.

evidencematters in reply to cs r

"It's hard to know how much voter fraud exists because lefties suppress any investigation."
They haven't. The commission of enquiry has collapsed because there is no evidence of widespread voter fraud.
If there is, show it, rather than fantasising that its all the fault of Democrats and claiming The Economist is fake news. Better still, grow up.

NickyGoodtimes in reply to McGenius

You're the Nadia Comaneci of Mental Gymnastics, McGenius....
Let me ask you one simple question: Do you like your odds of there being "collusion- but no crime" ? By even suggesting that, well.....the bar has now been lowered past the ground and somewhere near the earth's core.