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Damian Green’s exit gives Theresa May a problem—and an opportunity

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"... a pillar of “progressive” Europhile Toryism: he is one of the most Europhile members of the Tory party ...."
Good riddance to him ... and that.


Maybe there is still some hope. Christmas breaks can work wonders, after all.
I have an image of Ebenesa May being visited by three spirits - the Ghost of Brexit Past, the Ghost of Brexit Present and the Ghost of Brexit Yet To Come.
"Ghost of the Future!" she exclaims, "I fear you more than any Spectre I have seen. But as I know your purpose is to do me good, and as I hope to live to be a different woman from what I was, I am prepared to bear you company, and do it with a thankful heart. Will you not speak to me?"
But the gaunt figure says nothing. It leads her to her "accustomed place of business", which is now occupied by Jeremy Corbyn. It shows her the German bankers gloating as they share out the assets of the UK deceased finance sector. It shows her Bob Cratchit mourning for Tiny Tim, a victim of the post-Brexit health cuts. Lastly, it points her to her own political gravestone - Ebenesa May, Prime Minister of the former United Kingdom 2016-18. A chastened May pleads with the spirit: "Assure me that I may yet change these shadows you have shown me, by an altered policy!"
And she wakes on Christmas morning a reinvigorated politician. "Right, voters," she says. "It's a second referendum. The choice is 'Remain' v 'Canada terms'. And I'm damned well going to be bound by whatever you decide. So you'd better take it a bit more seriously than you did last time! In the interim, my half-a-dozen most useless Cabinet colleagues are heading back to the world of so-called journalism. And I'll be following them once Brexit is sorted out one way or another, leaving the path clear for anyone who wants to to run the nut-house which the Conservative Party has become".


Who benefits from Damien Greens departure?
It looks like - we will get him on pornography, ok failed we will get him on lying.

I have no particular interest in the fellow. Who does the economist think is pulling the strings? and why?

More Perfect

UK's de facto deputy prime minister has to resign for pornographic materials discovered in his computer 10 years ago, while an alleged American sex offender/child molester not only stood in a race, but also had backing from the president and his party, and grabbed about 49% of that state's votes.
Wow, how the world's morality changes.

Tiger Feet

Surely it's a lie and a breach of the ministerial code to say he resigned when he was clearly sacked? I don't believe Theresa May actually has any friends, she would not have sacked a true friend for a lie such as his. Also the clearly deluded things that Theresa May says such as "the country is united over Brexit" demonstrate that she does not always speak the truth herself.

mr potter

"Some are born inept,

Some achieve ineptness

Some have ineptness thrust upon them"

One has to hope TM is the later
& this becomes her moment "of clarity" ,
that she has nothing more to lose & thus an opportunity to create a legacy that history may look kindly on.


Well, I must admit PM May does have surprising brains and sand for a politician, but not enough yet to do the right about re the EU. Well, her BrexitLight can be seen as progress. Now if she would just let herself be charmed a bit more by Junker's eye lashes...