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Europe’s microbreweries are barrelling along

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I’ll raise a pint to the entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to the art of fermenting barley of microbrewers around the world. With so much consolidation and given that the big 5 of AB Inbev, Molson Coors, Heineken, Diageo and Carlsburg control over 50% of global market share, the world needs more microbrewers to prevent generic mass produced swill from totally crowding out interesting flavorful local living beers off the shelf.

San Paolo in reply to JolonerAmerican

There are thousands of local brews in Germany. In the region I know well, there is literally one in every town and village. I don't understand why the Economist does not count them, as they are more "craft" than many of the beers they seem to consider to be.

San Paolo in reply to Sempervirens

What? The US is merely catching up with Europe, where local beers have always been a feature of life. It is not clear to me what constitutes a "craft" brewer, if the local breweries in Germany (of which there are thousands) are not them, but an Asahi-owned one is.

San Paolo

Almost all the breweries in Germany or the Czech Republic fall into the category of "craft brewer". Many only produce for their town or village. The Economist seems to count breweries even owned by international giants as "craft". This is patently nonsense.


Where's Germany in all this? Despite being the putative 'home' of beer (the Czech Republic co-holds the title), they have neither global giants nor many microbreweries. Is it a lack of entrepreneurial spirit, of funding, of interest in new things?