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China is still a toy-manufacturing powerhouse

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Swiss Reader

Ignorance breeds fear, and fear breeds hatred; witness the anti-China comments here and elsewhere. My new year's wish to all xenophobes: Visit the countries you hate, and meet the people there!


The Chinese Communist Party is a murderous regime that promotes atheism and hatred. When westerners think of China, they think that it is prospering when in fact there are still a billion people who go to bed hungry each night. There are hundreds, if not thousands of public executions every year, the poor pay twelve taxes and the rich pay none, there are no human rights whatsoever and more than one thousand suicides every day, mostly women The West should have imposed sanctions decades ago but because of corporate greed, mums the word. Western media sell their lies. The evil party is just as heinous as N.Korea but has better P.R.


Toys are an ideal manufactured good for China - doesn't matter if the IP is stolen, can be made by slaves and don't have to work.


China's toys are cheap but have sometimes not really convincing quality. It is important to be careful when not buying a well-known brand.

Michael Dunne

Liked the charts; interesting details. Not surprised that China has retained leadership in toy manufacturing.
As for that play doh anecdote, isn't that clay the result of process manufacturing? And if so, wouldn't labor costs represent a lower proportion of total costs to produce and ship that product?


So what? China is still the powerhouse making toys for little boys, US is still the powerhouse making toys for big boys. Too much for your petty bourgeoisie sentimentality?


As long as the Great Debt Expansion continues, the Western consumer will go into
debt to buy items from China.
Anyone else notice how "global warming" has increased during the Great Debt Expansion.
I'm surprised TE hasn't created a chart plotting Greenhouse Gas and Indebtedness.


I clicked on this story thinking maybe it was about the Chengdu J-20 and J-31 stealth fighters. No such luck.