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TE, my explainers on your explainers 5 and 7.

5. You forgot about 2 major problems with the immigrants in Scandinavia. It is their inability to adapt to Western culture and demoralizing effect of the generous welfare system on the immigrants. Why work if I can live off the state forever? Don't you believe me? Just go to the outskirts of Malmoe or Goeteborg to find out.

7. Black Lives Matter is a non-violent organization? You must be kidding. On YT you will hundreds posts with violent clashes, robberies organized by BLM. You will also find hateful language. A sample below.

R77wYfR8Qw in reply to zet23

I visited Malmo few years ago. We stopped by after getting across the bridge. After 5 minutes my American wife of mostly Swedish descent stated. - "This place is awful. I am ashamed to be Swedish. Let's go back to Poland".

Michael Dunne in reply to zet23

I am not sure wanting accountability in how policing is done in local communities represents a dogmatic assumption? Nor questioning authority and how power is exercised?
Not sure where political correctness comes to play here .... Seems that term gets thrown around to deflect discussion at times.
For instance, is it political correctness to state the obvious - that the Klan is for White Supremacy? That the Klan had exercised the use of violence to alter political landscapes in the past, to help facilitate segregation and then later to protect it, as in during the 1960s?
Or is it political correctness to question incidents/police actions where fatalities had occurred? Certainly doesn't sound like rhetoric of certain quarters of the gun lobby that claim the right to firearms as a counterweight to the possibility of the government becoming tyrannous ...

Michael Dunne in reply to zet23

The KKK was a terrorist organization with a program of asserting white supremacy, and has remained a secretive organization dedicated to white supremacy to this day.
Black Lives Matters was/is focused on responsible policing and accountability.
Big difference in intention and program/agenda.
I am sure you weren't out to muddy the waters on that pretty clear distinction, and extensive history (the Klan in its various permutations going back to the late 1860s).

zet23 in reply to CaptainRon

Oh come on, Captain Ronin, your comment is political correctness at its best. There are hundreds of videos with violence where the BLM people are actively involved in violence and you call it a few people with a "more militant stand". Congrats.
BTW using your logic somebody could claim that KKK is a peaceful organization because only a minority wants to cause violence.

CaptainRon in reply to zet23

Black lives matter do not organize violent clashes or robberies. There will always be some that will take a more militant stand, are out for personal gain or want to cause violence. That doesn't make it organized or condoned by the organization as a whole.


I submit this 576 word (3 minute read) big picture explainer.
It's about world culture's inability to process / navigate the dominant phenomenon of our era: exponentially accelerating complexity.
Passing Natural Selection Tests


The referendum question, which voters answered with "Yes" or "No", was "Do you want Catalonia to become an independent state in the form of a republic?" (Wikipedia). It was simply a pole of people's wishes. The Spanish constitution says that implementing such a wish is illegal; it does not say that simply polling the the public to find out what they feel is illegal. The vote was therefore legal.

zet23 in reply to Michael Dunne

Dear Michael Dunn - it has nothing to do with deflecting discussion, at least from my side. I am ready to discuss the topic, however when I'm saying that one can find on YT hundreds of videos presenting BLM supporters being involved in violent acts not only against the police, but also against private property, and videos containg threats to, quote, kill white people, some people on this forum (not you), call it taking a militant stand. I simply call a crime. That's the difference.

Yes, Political correctness a lot to with it. There is an assumption in mainstream media, that you cannot be a rascist if you are black. Calling a black person a rascist is a sin that could cost you losing a job in the US. It doesnt work the other way around. You know it and I know it. There were BLM protests during Trump rallies, disrupting them. Now imagine a few hundreds of the so-called "white supremacists" disrupting Obama presidential rallies 5 years ago. I dont know if this happened but I am pretty sure they wouldn't have been treated so lightly by NYT, WP or CNN. I know it and you know it.