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Roy Moore is defeated in Alabama’s Senate election

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Ha! What's God telling you now?

I hated Roy Moore even before the Pedophilia accusations surfaced. He was always such an arrogant POS. He always bragged about how pious and moral he was and displayed utter contempt for ANYONE who disagreed with his extreme interpretation of the Bible, the rule of law (he got removed TWICE from the bench), and our institutions. He was not worthy of being Senator. The fact that so many of the GOP backed him anyway made me very angry and disgusted at the state of the party and our politics.

I hope this result encourages more decency and campaigns that unite all Americans, such as rising healthcare costs, helping people get good jobs, and lack of competition in many industries that makes consumers and workers poorer. I believe Democrats and reasonable Republicans (I know a lot of them) can win on these issues. I think one reason (apart from the child molestation accusations) Doug Jones succeeded was because of kitchen table issues, as he called it.

Also, this is a message to my generation, get out and vote. You think politics is dominated by the old and powerful? This result shows that your vote matters! Vote in the midterms next year!


"'Nobody comes down here and tells Alabamians what to do,' said Mr Bannon, a Virginian, speaking after a Texan and several Midwesterners."

^That is a great sentence, as well as the photo used for this piece (they look like a bunch of creeps).


Hahahaha! Great article from J.F. of TE. Good of you! Every sentence is gold.
"... aside from hating abortion and same-sex marriage, Mr Moore talked about little other than his own piety." What else is new about the "new" GOP under the gold finger of a bigly hand?! (It is said by one Trumpista everything Big Hand touches turns into gold - see TE archive.) They are the "Party of God", they said.
In reality, the party of hate, the party of racists and misoynsists, the party of Ugly Americans. Few Christians who believe in God on the soil of America and elsewhere in the world share their so-called "God". Ask Pope Francis. Indeed, open the Holy Book and find a verse that says Jesus said, "Hate everyone! That's the way to enter the Kingdom of God."
I once was a staunch Republican. The party knew better days. Now it has morphed into the party of Ugly Americans. Finally the excesses of these Uglies did themselves in.
May Dec 12, 2017 Alabama presage better days to come. America deserves better.


Checking in as an engineer from a small tech company in northern Alabama. Just yesterday morning, I spoke to a few soon-to-be college graduates from some regional schools, trying to recruit for next years contracts. Every one of them, with varying degrees of firmness, said there was no way they would consider moving here.

Our company is growing, albeit at a much slower rate than it could be. Our number one problem, is that we simply can't hire enough people to execute the contracts that we win. Because we're in the aerospace industry, foreign talent is out of the question - even the green card holding graduates of local universities. And boy is it hard to convince people that don't already have roots in Alabama, to come to Alabama. People from other parts of the country know our history, see our politicians, see the metrics that put us 49th or so in every meaningful quality of life category, and refuse to come here.

And the people who do realize that there really are a lot of wonderful people in this state, and that they can have a wonderful quality of life here? We're still competing with Atlanta, Nashville, Raleigh, Houston, you name it, for their talents. And it's a hard sell to make. If Roy Moore had won this election, that would have been even harder. I don't care what kind of conservative votes he offered, there is no realistic amount of red-tape slashing or tax breaks he could deliver that would outweigh the damage he would have done to our image.

In any case, I'm damn proud of this state for doing the right thing. Hopefully the crazies take this defeat to heart and take a long, hard look in the mirror. I have real hope that we can work to make Alabama great again!


Thankfully the right candidate won, against considerable odds. However, I think many people will still be disturbed by the fact that 48% of voters voted for an alleged pedophile and general fruitcake. But if the GOP loses both the House and the Senate next year I think most non Americans will interpret it as rejection of the vileness and madness of Trumpworld and a swing back towards normality and some semblance of decency in US politics.

Tom Meadowcroft

“Nobody comes down here and tells Alabamians what to do,” said Mr Bannon, a Virginian, speaking after a Texan and several Midwesterners.
That's a very good line.

Idle Fury

A higher turnout among Democrat-leaning demographics was obviously a big factor here, but Moore would still have won if a small but significant percentage of Republican voters had not refused to vote for him, despite knowing full well that they were effectively voting for a Democrat by doing so.
It's heartening to see that there is, in fact, a limit to hyperpartisan polarisation, however out there it may be.

It's likely worse than you describe. Such a hateful man, preaching to the worst human sentiments. Even dodging the spotlight and opposed by members of his own party, he still managed to capture the hearts of 1 in 2 voters. I am beginning to lose hope in humanity.

ashbird in reply to teacup775

teacup, I think additional to what you observe, the country also needs to upgrade the education of its voters. The need is urgent. Democracy is a lovely system; but the outcome of democracy can only be as good as its electorate.
Moore for sure is a disaster. But an even bigger disaster is folks who voted for him, believing it is in their interest to do so, same with Trump.
And look at the kind of time folks spend on fighting over who should use what stall in public bathrooms.


Please allow me to dissent from all the love being shown to Alabama. Yes, Moore was too big a bite for a majority of voters. But Alabama remains the home of mindless Christian Fascism (aka evangelical Christianity) and it is this ideological stupidity which has left Alabama and other places in America unable to face reality. If you really believe the prophetic nonsense in the bible and in the Second Coming you will believe anything. Fascism counts on lies finally being believed.

John Eh....

An earlier Republican commented, aptly, "You can fool all the people some of the time, and you can fool some of the people all of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time."

ashbird in reply to guest-ssniloi

The "madness" is a cunning play; these guys malinger ("malinger" means "pretend", "feign") lunacy. In cyperspace, the malingering takes the form of "pretend can't read" or "pretend stupid". A dead giveaway of malingering is the "can't read, is stupid" act is intermittent and selective, not consistent. The intended result is an excuse to shift the subject, change the topic, distract attention, and digress to as far out a tangent as possible. All in the service of avoiding the need to address a substantive issue germane to a subject. Nonsequitur is their game. Ad hominem insult is their norm. This TE article talks about the same, though not using the same words.
The "vileness" is the style of a backward and uneducated brute. Vulgarity is a brute's usual bauble and bibelot.


Moore's candidacy shows the corrosive effect of Christian fundamentalism on American society.He almost won despite everything,because White Christians turned out to vote for him, and local Churches supported him.It is true that Bible texts attack homosexuals and cite black people as being inferior to white people, and those same texts do endorse slavery.But to use that as a way of life in modern society is deeply troubling.

Duckdodger in reply to Langosta

My only hope is that at some point in time in the future Trump's behavior will get to the point, that even you (the great Langosta) are too embarrassed to say "we Trump voters" and begin to question everything he says and does ... cheerfully.

A Reasoned Voice in reply to Langosta

Ah, one can always count on Langosta for revisionist history and spin. Surprised you'd even post after all your posts talking about how there was no way Jones could win and how Democrats are the devil incarnate.

As to "cheerfully" accepting the results, evidently you missed Moore's concession speech.... probably because there was no concession at all, he still believes he'd win on a recount. But I guess in your world, that counts for a cheerful acceptance.