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British Airways’ franchisee in South Africa throws off two black passengers

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Sir Alex is gone long live Sir Alex

I've seen conflicting stories here. One version said the lady had a flexible business class fare, this version says she had higher frequent flier status.

I think the airline handled this very poorly. You go in order of boarding. Whoever boards last - if there's an issue with their seat, they get downgraded but fully refunded i.e. fly for free, not just fly for economy fare.


The EFF should themselves be prosecuted for their own racism and prejudice. Their accusations and claims have no credibility from anyone with any sense. They are a cancer in SA.


International news? Welcome to the era of victimhood uber alles. Where the outrage cycle rules the roost.

Your newpaper is a joke, Zannie and you should be ashamed of driving it into the dirt.


Everything does not boil down to race just because one in Black. Just as it does not mean racist when overwhelming numbers are mugged by blacks.