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Europe breathes a sigh of relief

Emmanuel Macron is elected as the next president of France

Mr Macron, who never previously stood for election, faces a divided country and heavy expectations

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The Globalist cabal will resort to outright fraudulent elections if their puppets face large populist threats again. It's the beginning of the end of the current world order, and they stand to lose the most. You can't put this genie back into the bottle without making some fundamental changes to breaking up this Oligarchy.

The last box to tick in the steady road towards the corporate fascist takeover is fraudulent elections, which WILL start happening across the West more in the future. Conglomeration and concentration of mainstream media ownership is only the first step down this road.

They WILL rely on outright fraud when the times are desperate enough. Just wait and see.

The supercycle is running its course.

Despite my criticism of the Anglo-American establishment (where the major problem is actually a cabal of Globalist elites and Imperial hound dogs who have hijacked them), I commend Anglo-American populations in taking the brave first steps towards Brexit and electing Trump, even though Trump caved in to the elites. It showed that at least the Globalist hand pick Clinton, didn't get first prize.

The French were a disappointment, they have gone Vichy. I don't expect zee Germans to see the light either. Call them liberal or centrist, they don't get it. Libertarians get it, but they are a very small minority.

The fun is just beginning.

And since we're all heading down the road to Socialism again, let us briefly take a look at Venezuela, and what is going on there - the wholesale destruction of the nation's social-economic fabric due to Socialism. Take that as a leading indicator if the inequality keeps rising at this pace, should the liberal useful idiots along with their rich elite sugar daddies continue to expand and hijack the State and inflame class warfare in society.

To summarize; Globalist elites and liberal useful idiots are a bigger problem than alt-right nationalists and libertarians.

Violence is a legitimate tool when you run out of peaceful options, or when the Oligarchy makes meaningful reform impossible.

When the current system is incapable of reforming itself, this is no longer a "self-correcting" free market system, but a captured system that needs change brought unto it from outside the black box.

The koolaid they're selling to the public is the opiate of "democracy", - a complacent stupor that ends up pacifying people to the point of a lame submission and kills the fighting spirit. This is even more dangerous because of the systematic fraud that ends up metastasising throughout the system, right under the noses of a public who are mislead to believe that they are free.

Did you actually believe democracy was the "end of history" like Fukuyama? That things would magically fix themselves with these "trusted" elites?

mullah_assassin in reply to LudoA

Because most people are sheep, and the elites are shepherds employing wolves.

Once the sheep realize they don't need the shepherds as much as the wolves frighten them into believing, then there will be hope.

The shepherds own the industries of war (military), fraud (banking) and deception (mainstream media), so naturally they have the advantage. But the real power always has lied in the majority, but they are kept away from unifying, plus the herd self-hampers, ensconced in a lazily complacent bed of normalcy bias and incredulous to the reality at hand. It is said that only the little secrets need to be kept, the large ones are kept secret by public incredulity....or in other words, all those kool aid drinkers who keep telling people like me to put on my tin foil hat.

People love being lied to, we keep seeing history repeat, elections are circuses. The elites are indeed laughing. And the elites are ahead of the curve because they have the birds eye view of mass psychology at hand. Supermarkets, ISPs, banks all have people's spending/recreational habits on paper like clockwork. This data trove is invaluable to predicting future behaviour. How much data do the people have of the elites if it weren't for leaks and hacks? Almost none. All we know is that they have major league personality disorders.

Hows that for a level playing field.


Well "tant pis" for the naysayers and sore losers who are already polluting this thread with their negativity. For me, this is the first election night in my 40 years as a voter when I really feel that France might have turned a corner, voting for a forward looking , shared future with our European partners and other countries that still believe in a liberal democratic order rather than the status quo or nationalistic isolationism.
Yes, it is just the beginning but Macron explains to everyone who actually listens to him that he plays a long game and given what he has achieved over the last year, I for one will be getting even more actively behind him to insure that we can keep the conservatives, especially on the left, in check and give reform a chance. Vive la France En Marche!


Well done, France! Things are starting to look brighter and brighter now after the French and Dutch elections. Hopefully we're finally getting out of the populist, nationalist hole we somehow let ourselves fall into.

LudoA in reply to sikko6

For most of my life, I have wondered why we deserve nihilists, negativists, cynical and sarcastic people to breath the same air as we do.
I wonder if they wonder.

ashbird in reply to celte71

Je ne pouvais pas être plus heureux pour la France! (I hope robo translate gets this one right).
I am so happy myself! And I am not even French! Happy that in France, there is no Electoral College, and more people have sense than not. On our equivalent day here, I cried. And then cried again. And then some more, like many others in my circle of friends. Good same thing didn't happen to France. Congrats again!! He has it in him to lead with sense, not nonsense. A little study in philosophy in undergrad helps after all. That's all it takes: think before you do anything. :)


Cambridge dictionary definition of POPULISM is : political ideas and activities that are intended to get the support of ordinary people by giving them what they want: e.g "Their ideas are simple populism - tax cuts and higher wages."
So democracy is populist by design.
We live in interesting times : a multimillionaire Rotschild banker with network among elite circles vouching for unrestricted migration and outsourcing is called "Leftist" (oops, centrist). And those pushing for job preservation among underprivileged is right wing.

Tom Meadowcroft

Le Pen is getting close to 40% of the vote. She will still be there when the next election rolls around. What will Macron and the parliament that is yet to be elected have achieved by then? The French elite should understand that they are living on borrowed time; Macron may be their last chance to produce change. Without substantial changes Le Pen or someone like her is one election away from power.


So the EU has obtained a reprieve. But unless European politicians truly learn the lesson that Brexit and Le Pen represent, Macron's victory will count for nothing.

Here's the problem: for decades lazy and complacent politicians have sought to blame the EU for every policy that isn't adored by all voters universally. Conversely they have sought to claim credit for every EU policy that people actually like. So all that most citizens know about the EU is that it is a shadowy group of bureaucrats who impose unwelcome legislation on subject peoples and apparently do little of value.

Not surprisingly, a great many people conclude that their nation would be better off out of such a malignant club. And when you add in the ease with which modern fringe types lie and make absurd promises (just try reading anything Farage has said, or Le Pen has said) and you have a recipe for catastrophe.

Of course the EU is in need of reform - it always has been. It's a work in progress. But even a poorly-functioning EU with absurd policies like the CAP (from which France has benefited mightily for many decades) is far, far better than nationalist/protectionist policies fashioned to appeal to the ignorant and fearful mob. And it's infinitely better than wars, both trade and military.

It's too late for the UK, which is under Generalissima May heading inexorably into economic self-harm, and it's too late for the USA with its tens of millions of hopelessly ignorant and simple-minded voters. But, thanks to France today, it may not be entirely too late for Europe provided that European politicians wake up, discover a modicum of backbone, and stop being so utterly useless and cowardly as has unfortunately been hitherto the case.


It is Macron or a monkey it does not matter. The political scrimmages in France are over…the hostile non-French minority just showed the world who is in control in France’s political arena from now on. Is Germany or Sweden next on giving up the successful cultural affluence so easily? Tell me one f benefit of it Kosovo or Cyprus?

ashbird in reply to Perrodin

I see. Thanks for that piece of enlightenment. It does help.
I need to clarify and amplify one thing - when I said "smells bolshevik", I meant the smell is emitted by the thrower of that particular epithet when used with a particular coded meaning. The coded meaning is: It is a catch-all term of insult thrown at anyone (and I mean anyone), doesn't matter what color, what religion, what gender, what occupation, what educational background....none of these identifiers matter) by an assortment of hateful evil-wishers. These folks are the easiest to identify in TE fora. A mere click on their posting history will tell it all. These are full-time fantasizers who visit TE community boards for one and one purpose only, nothing else - to insult anyone who happens to know more than they do regarding any subject, any topic. If the subject or topic regards something they know nothing about, they'll proclaim the subject or topic ain't worth being talked about (!!!!). Devoid of knowledge on any subject, these folks confuse substantive knowledge with 3rd, 4th, 5th tier hearsays, labels with substantive FACTS. Envy-soaked racists and misogynsits that they are, they are rude, crass and vulgar in their social manners. And they are found consistently in the same handful of frequent commenters in TE fora.
After reading the term used in the manner described over and over and over in the last 8 years, I personally think the term has duly earned the top of the list place of a host of other meaningless labels*. Labels offered by a band of profoundly confused folks whose fundamental gripe is they can't measure up. Anyone , therefore, and I say anyone again, who is smarter, richer, better educated, enjoy a higher social status than they, is their enemy #1. That's Bolshevik.
The term, as you pointed out, didn't use to have any negative meaning, let alone any of the above meanings . Now it does. The Nuclear Weapon of Last Resort of the Stupid.
* Other such labels, or labels thrown for similar purposes when a person has no substantive thing to say, are:
- "Nonbeliever". "Not a Christian" - (code words for "people without morals, evil people". )
- "Liberal" (as opposed to a type of "Conservative" who cheat on their wives, lies at least 5 times a day, pretend the Inauguration crowd is bigger than it looks, paying more = paying less, getting less = getting more, etc., etc.)
- "Leftie" (these folks who call everyone who disagrees with them a "Leftie" would make the best traffic cops, for they always know their "Lefts" from their"Rights". And "Right" is always "right".
- "PC" (this means anything at all they disagree with and can't come up with a substantive argument against).
- "Globalist" (as opposed to "Caveman", their preferred existential mode of "being".)
- "Muslim" (all 1.6 billion Muslims in the world wear bomb vests and cut the clitoris of their daughters)
Etc., Etc.
A fantastic, fantastic, bigly improved America indeed.

ashbird in reply to Perrodin

I never understood the "liquidy" meaning of "elite" that goes around in cyberspace talk these days. One thing I know for certain - it is never a friendly word, and smells bolshevik. @Ohio may not mean that. I am certain he doesn't. He is a heavy-weight thinker, good upbringing, properly educated, not the lo-info foul-mouth bullying sort who come on TE just to look for fights and insult somebody at least once a day.
Anyway, how about a special batch of Ratatouille to night? And some Bordeaux? What French Cheese do you recommend?

Idle Fury

Bravo, monsieur Macron! A momentous result for many reasons, but I believe the most significant is the triumph of "centrism" over the usual partisan divide, and the defenestration of the traditional mainstream parties. If there is a segment of political opinion that was decisively defeated on Sunday, it was not the far right (which is sadly alive and well in the 21st century), it was the traditional view of politics as a straightforward, polarised distinction between Left and Right, in which everyone ultimately needs to get off the fence and pick a side, because the middle of the road is where you get run over.

Granted, the structure of the electoral system helped Macron, and granted also his ascent may be stillborn if his "movement" does not perform strongly in the Assembly elections next month. But he has already faced down commentators on all political sides who dismissed the chances of a "centrist" movement with no traditional voter base, who implied that there is no electorally viable alternative to the dilapidated and tribal shades-of-socialism vs. shades-of-conservatism politics that has dominated the West for centuries. He has proved them to be spectacularly wrong, and that alone is a victory worth celebrating.