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Return of the third horseman

Famine menaces 20m people in Africa and Yemen

War, not drought, is the reason people are starving

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Yemenis are literally starving to death because the dementia-ridden mummified walking corpse that is King Salman listened to his father, who was a pimp and a warlord, as he uttered the famous maxim on his deathbed, "keep Yemen weak". King Salman is simply following his father's sound advice.

He has obviously instructed his army of teenaged fighter and apache pilots to destroy as much of Yemen as possible. And these pilots are obviously suffering from some kind of extreme cognitive dissonance because they haven't realized that they are no longer playing Call of Duty in which real-life consequences don't exist; they are destroying hospitals, schools, roads, infrastructure, power plants, factories, dairy farms, mosques, castles, houses, also old people, young people, men, women, children. Destroying everything so that there won't be a Yemen left when all of this is said and done.

The whole world is suffering cognitive dissonance: Houthis bad, Saudis good, so let's all allow a country ruled by an inbred dynastic desert clan, which bears closer resemblance to ISIS than to any other country in the world, to wantonly erase Yemen from the history books.

Saudi Arabia, UAE, and all these other countries are carving up Yemen like a dead carcass, taking whatever scraps they can get their hands on and enrich themselves (instead of ten ferraris, they can now have twenty!! One for when they visit their house in London, another in Geneva, Marbella, Cote d'Azur, Paris, Dubai, New York, musn't forget LA, etc etc etc). UAE has arranged to "lease" Socotra, perhaps the most naturally fascinating and untouched place in the world, which they will now vandalize with their ghastly architectural aesthetic, which by the way, will be built at two dollars a day by droves of desparate and hungry Bangladeshis.


guest-siiiims in reply to guest-siiiims

There won't be a Yemen left in a few years if Saudi Arabia keep up what they're doing. I'm not just talking about blowing up a few roads, hospitals, and schools; I'm talking about wholesale destruction of Yemeni culture, history, and people in the collective sense.

They will all die of cholera and easily preventable diseases because the hospitals have been destroyed, medicines shipments blocked, and Médecins Sans Frontières bombed into dust with all the doctors and patients inside (this has happened more times than I can remember). If they survive that, they will die of starvation and lack of water. If they survive that, they will die from US-supplied cluster bombs, bullets, jets, and a wide array of technologically-advanced US and British-made weapons of death. If they survive that, maybe they try to take a boat to Somalia or Eritrea because the entire country of 22m people has been effectively quarantined, and have their boat blown up by a hellfire missle that a 14 year old Emirati apache pilot (who just the year before was playing Call of Duty in his mother's basement) launched, mistaking all the women and children on board for weapon caches.

Then, if any Yemeni is able to survive this maze of death, they can spend the rest of their short lives in total misery looking down upon the charred bodies of their family members and friends, and weep at the wanton destruction of buildings which have stood for over a thousands years, long before there was any King Abdulaziz or King Salman. Their entire identity as a people will be wiped out. There won't be light, there won't be any hope, there will only be total darkness left.

What will happen then?? Yemen will become a black hole, a vortex of violence, hatred, revenge, ignorance, and credulity, a perfect swamp and breeding ground for all kinds of demagogues to poison the minds of Yemenis. Is this good for Saudi Arabia?? NO.

All of this because of one demented and dying old man, and a thousand or so Saudi princes too busy racing around the streets of London in their Ferraris to care about their fellow Arab and Muslim neighbour.

A. Andros

"Western governments and aid agencies have invested large amounts of money and energy in providing assistance, but they have done little to address the political problems that cause starvation."

And, after all, what COULD they do to "address the political problems that cause starvation?"
If local violence keeps food from flowing to where people are starving then what, other than the use of superior force, can "Western governments and aid agencies" possibly do? These situations are not like a local zoning dispute that got out of hand in East Cupcake, Nebraska. The contempt for life and propensity for warlord-ism is endemic to those cultures. That means that only the bloody-minded killing of local thugs (i.e. virtually everyone) can save innocent lives.
That won't happen. It would take only a single Blackhawk Down or an RPG into a jeep full of aid workers to light up the evening news and some Hairy Hairspray to do his/her walk and talk on the hopelessness of it all. Public opinion polls would soon demonstrated that 57.456% of the citizenry believe that the country is headed "in the wrong direction." Then, "western governments and aid agencies" would head for the exits.
Remember that unfortunate bombing of an Afghani hospital last year and the deaths of several "Medicin San Frontiers" personnel. That happens in war. All the time. It would take only one such incident like that for the world press to be up in arms against American forces.
I recall fishing with an old man who, as he scooped minnows with a ladle from the bait-bucket, said "They're just born to be eaten." The same is true with the Somalis, Sudanese, Nigerians, etc. -- they are just born to be starved and abused.
The western world COULD mitigate some of this -- maybe most of it. But, remember that Afghani hospital and those dead MDs?
"War is hell, gentlemen, and you cannot refine it. " The West doesn't want to confront that and have queasy stomachs at dinnertime. Just easier to let the minnows be gobbled-up.

longman333 in reply to Sempervirens

Islam is no religion. It is a crazy way of life which made its followers completely deranged. It does not merit any respect at all. It is the source of all imaginable follies and disturbance in the world. It is the enemy of mankind.

Felipe Coelho

One thing is a famine caused by a civil war or by a localized war among neighbour states, where the UN or some other organization may try to help. South Sudan and Nigeria are in this group of catastrophes: famines induced by the governments, like XX-century famines in the British Raj, in Soviet Union, in both Republican and Communist China, and in the Khmer republic. They are bad enough but are "internal matters".

Another thing is the deliberate starvation of the Yemenis by the Saudis, with the American and the British assistance.This in an "international problem". Food is not allowed to come in, fishers cannot fish and fuel for running water pumps is not allowed, and all that is being done by these three nations. Saudi Arabi is the oddest British and American ally, nevertheless realpolitik tells the UK and the USA rulers that they must obey King Salman, even when he is doing a genocide. Otherwise the king will become nervous and will attack Iran, stop exporting oil, stop buying British and American weapons or do any other silly thing.
Let the Yemenis fight among themselves, for God's sake, without naval blockades, air raids, foreign troops or foreign-paid local mercenaries!

Kouroi in reply to A. Andros

This is the most full of platitudes and cynical article written by Mr. Man. At least in respect with Yemen, haven't you read that the Saudi coalition does what it does because US and UK sell them bombs and weapons? If it weren't for the sellers of weapons, the Saudis would be like ISIS, in Toyota pick-up trucks and flying kites.

I wonder whether this is a turning point in Mr. Man's life, something changed/broke seeing the world going to hell in a hand basket? Nope, it is only Mr. Man's remains of common sense end decency that are gone...

llora in reply to guest-siiiims

But how is it going to stop? Use more force? Are the Yemens prepared to consider surrendering? Throughout history, some have always being slave to others. Some have always suffered under others. That is the human condition. We are imperfect. The Jungle Law is deeply rooted in us. The only way it can stop is if both the Saudis and Yemens decide to forgive past offences and Love each other. But we all know how difficult it is to forgive and to Love and how easy it is to bear grudges, Hate and Destroy. Who can save mankind from itself? Who can guarantee for each human that is born 50 years of a peaceful existence? Who? Political Authorities? Millionaires? Celebrities? Scientists? Religious leaders? Who?


Thank you TE for this excellent article. I've been waiting to see what you would have to say about the situation in Yemen, and you said it all. Now I guess we all sit around and watch our elected leaders conspire with Saudi Arabia to slaughter hundreds of thousands of children. And people wonder why Americans don't trust their government.


Why do the rich Islamic countries not help them with food, money and something else instead of giving them weapons and instigating them to fight against each other?


We couldn't care less. They should settle their problems among themselves instead of buying weapons and waging wars on each other. They made their bed and now they must lie in it. We should only not come between them or worse welcome them. If they die of famine so much the worse for them. Every cloud has a silver lining.


As sad as this is, if the developed countries keep feeding them they will keep fighting. Their young must learn to stop the fighting and expend their engeries on the betterment and self efficiency of their country. Hard cord YES - but it may be the only solution

bkerin in reply to A. Andros

They could AT LEAST refrain from helping Saudi Arabia blockade the port. If they had the balls god gave a chipmunk they could simply tell the Saudis that they would be delivering food aid to Hodeidah, without any bs inspections or other nonsense.

guest-ajammnjs in reply to A. Andros

"Western governments and aid agencies have invested large amounts of money and energy in providing assistance, but they have done little to address the political problems that cause starvation."
Another TE writer, on the verge of being sacked.
The political problems of these countries are due to the culture of those countries.
The writer must accept that culture.
Embrace it, in fact.
Under the guise of "multiculturalism."


Honestly, I don't KNOW? what 2-MAKE of this article, but I had 2-TAKE a Pause here:

"South Sudan’s and Yemen’s are the most clearly avoidable famines.."

In These-Times of PLENTY, FAMINE should have NO Place or Presence among US!

When they Managed & Succeeded in Breaking UP North & South Sudan, you were WARNED of the CONSEQUENCES!!
This very Publication was all in Favor of the Break-UP, and Just-Look at Where that has GOT-US!!!

As far as Yemen is concerned, We ALL-KNOW who the Criminals & Culprits R...............................................!!!!

Peace, Love & Respect.