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James Comey says the FBI is investigating possible links between Trump and Russia

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One month later, this story is still here. Now I do understand that it provides confirmation bias to those who think that Clinton lost because somebody was mean, racist, Russian, xenophobic, homophobic, nasty and besides that they might have been Republicans. However, gang, we have had all sorts of stuff happen in the meantime. For instance: 1) Use of chemical weapons in Syria, 2) Terrorist attacks in Europe, 3) Terrorist attacks in Egypt, 4) Threats of nuclear war from N. Korea, and so on. But I guess TE has its priorities. Just expect fewer people to pay for warmed over junk served cold 4 weeks later.


Why not investigate Hillary instead? We already know her computer actions are felonious, can Clinton Foundations be far behind? Comey is just investigating Trump to keep his job working for the Dems and to distract Trump from his elected tasks. If Trump justly fires him it appears it was vindictive. This is just use of the law to get a political target the way Fitzgerald prosecuting Scooter Libby when he knew Plame had been outed by Armatage. Libby was just a path to get Cheney, the real target.


The continued presence of this article on the Economist is proof that TE does not know the difference between Rice and rat manure.


Nunes' behavior suggests that he should be included in Comey's search for Trump's associates involved in the collusion with Russia.

daydreambeviva in reply to Traidenis

Yes, jail all culprits regardless of their political stripes! Amen!
But what about...but what about... TE doesn't think that any accusations of dissemination of Trump campaign conversations clandestinely acquired and illegally disseminatied are worth discussing.
That is the false-news false-narrative doctrine to which TE pays obeisance on behalf of the globalist/progressive filth seeking to destroy the native cultures and nation states of the West.
In fact, to even mention the illegal, widespread and universally acknowledged crimes of spreading the Trump campaign conversations, according to the sage TE, smacks of Soviet propaganda.
That attitude is stupid to the third degree.
Simply stupid.
But didn't Obama have to have possession of clandestinely acquired Trump campaign conversations last summer when he said there was no evidence of Russian interference in the election, and isn't spreading that information to the media illegal? Clearly some of us are more equal than others.
No what-about-ism, comrade!
The intellectual disintegration of TE is sad to watch.
Just like the big blank hole in TE's coverage of the Hillary/DNC wikileaks, the coming absence of news in TE of the Congressional hearings on Obama's Nixonian shenanigans and Hillary's multifarious criminal escapades will be a wonder not to behold.

MsBRuxksbE in reply to daydreambeviva

"...But what about...but what about... TE doesn't think that any accusations of dissemination of Trump campaign conversations clandestinely acquired and illegally disseminatied are worth discussing..."
What happened to "...Evidence matters, evidencematters..."
Chump stooge, Rep. Nunya (Nunya business, if you're not the prez.) has stated that he hasn't SEEN any documents that prove his vague and unsubstantiated assertions. HE hasn't even seen the documents, much less anyone else. He's only said that "a source" has told him things that could provide evidentiary substance to his claims.
His gambit is obvious and transparent. He's trying to pretend that he's a member of the US's free-press, not it's legislative branch and the head of a an investigative committee charged with gathering and analyzing evidence. The press uses anonymous sources, for obvious reasons, to gather and report news that is important to the citizens they serve. The best organizations cultivate sources over years and decades, and rarely, if ever, rely on a single source. Are there exceptions? Of course, and they generally fail spectacularly, as they attract the curiosity and scrutiny of other news organizations.
A congressional inquiry, with no necessity to hide sources from other members of the committee, should be held to a different standard regarding burden of proof.
Nunya is a young man and an obvious, striving lackey, looking to secure opportunities beyond his dismal career as a do-nothing congressman. He realizes that the days of getting votes by simply saying "no" are over and that he actually has to produce some legislation or cede his position to someone who can.


Didomyk, I really appreciated your backfire. Your messages will go into my favorite section. However you like any other politician or CNNs immediately find who’s guilty without any investigation. Fifteen minutes later after the murder in downtown Kiev, Poroshenko blamed Russia. He seemed to be in the plot if he knows that for sure.
Yes Khrushchev like you was a Ukrainian communist with the only difference he was the First Secretary of the Communist Party of the USSR and you were some sort of regional politruck or chairman of kolkhoz. So during the Khrushchev’s days of thaw naïve Rockefeller was hired. Today the trend continuous. Today American Congress blames anyone whom once Putin gave a wink. And it’s good! That’s how Russia can finish anyone’s career in the States or elsewhere in Europe. I believe McCain shivers since once he looked into Putin’s eyes. He might be the next to probe since Putin passed him some classified information on how to milk cows. But you know what I mean…
Well my good friend Didomyk you along with western media or vice versa make Putin a real macho man. He elects presidents in the USA, kills people in downtown Kiev, blows up arms depot in Ukraine. There’s upcoming elections in France, Germany and not far off in Ukraine. It’s time for Russia to pull the strings and change regimes in those. Therefore Madam Marine Le Pen arrived in Russia and had an audience with Mr Putin. Before that some big shot from Germany met with him too.
Preparation of Putin-Trump is underway. It’s not going to be like Poroshenko-Trump hand shake meeting by the loo. I hope Poroshenko washed his hands.


Does any one find Comey a weird character? I do... he has to be 7 feet tall and ought to stump for a better dye job. He more or less destroyed Hillary--using convoluted tactics. Not sure what he is up to with Trump. I think he is behind him if he appears too much so he loses a lot of value for Trump. Various sympathizers come to mind with Comey.... Netanyahu? As a matter of fact that is source that would have a lot of interest in throwing the election. The DNC and Podesta would be child's play for them.
This whole stupidity about the Russians will bear no fruit. Every country tries to influence elections--just not officially of course. As Trump observed are we so innocent?


On March 23, US Senator John McCain stated, ""Today, in yet another brazen act of Russian state terrorism, former Russia parliamentarian Denis Voronenkov was assassinated in broad daylight on the streets of Kyiv. This horrific crime marks the continuation of a campaign of KGB-style brutality designed to intimidate anyone who dares to oppose the tyranny of Vladimir Putin. Denis Voronenkov spoke out against Putin's reign of terror and his illegal invasion of Ukraine and annexation of Crimea. He was also assisting Ukrainian prosecutors with the treason case against former Ukrainian president and Putin stooge, Viktor Yanukovych. Sadly, Denis Voronenkov has joined others like Sergei Magnitsky and Boris Nemtsov who have paid with their lives for speaking the truth, for in Putin's Russia, there is no greater crime."

Didomyk in reply to Didomyk

Speaking at the OSCE Permanent Council, US Charge d'Affaires Kate M. Byrnes stated,

"Russian aggression in eastern Ukraine continues to cost lives every day. More than a million people remain displaced by fighting. The humanitarian crisis has worsened, as shelling periodically cuts off water and power to people living in the Donbas. [...] In Crimea, Russia continues to silence civil society and independent media. Members of minorities, especially Crimean Tatars and ethnic Ukrainians, and those who oppose the occupation, continue to face harassment and political prosecution. The UN Human Rights Monitoring Mission's latest report states that occupation authorities 'extract confessions through torture and ill-treatment' and employ punitive psychiatric treatment against members of these groups. ....... The United States affirms its staunch support for Ukraine's sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity within its internationally-recognized borders. Crimea-related sanctions on Russia will remain in place until Russia returns full control of the peninsula to Ukraine. We join our European and other partners in restating that our sanctions against Russia for its aggression in eastern Ukraine will remain until Russia fully implements its commitments in the Minsk agreements. Russia's actions in Ukraine are in contravention of international law, the Helsinki Final Act, and Russia's ensuing OSCE commitments."

kuzmich in reply to Didomyk

Didomyk, diehard US street gabber John McCain is real a blowhard just only talking. It’s his job. No concrete measures. Ukraine cost a lot to American budget but did not show any results. Disintegration of Ukraine continues. While Ukraine wages war against the Ukrainians in the east, the western territories silently leaving the Empire and soon will make a surprise escape to Poroshenko.

Didomyk in reply to kuzmich

What is Putin trying to do with his massive firepower exhibition ? Instead of this useless heavy artillery barrage aimed at scaring wildlife, Putin should stage a show of exploding several Russian tactical nuclear weapons at various Russian sites, - all the way from Murmansk to Kamchatka. .
And he should invite ( order ) such important supporters as the EURASIAN Alexander Dugin and the Clown Zhirinovski to attend the show.


The more the US mainstream media engages with this orgy of Shadow Government sponsored unsubstantiated speculation, deliberate misinformation by the DNC, RINOS and Military Industrial Complex, and the Russophobic witch-hunts, the more complicit they are in undermining the very system they claim to be upholding.

A sign of the times - the implosion of the "exceptional" US empire of intimidation, coercion and hypocrisy. The House turns on itself and eats itself alive. And guess what, - they'll blame anyone else except themselves.


This entire discussion is mildly intriguing, though not enlightening.

There is the issue of talking with Russians. For decades most of the media, certainly the NYT and even TE, was encouraging every one of us in the West to get chummy with Russians of all kind: The Moiseiev troupe, the Red Army Choir, poets-writers-athletes. . . even Nikita Sergeevich Khruschov. And that was the Russia of a rather "evil" persuasion, thrilled to shed blood and GuLAGize millions.

And many of us did get cozy with the USSR; some of us even spent our honeymoon in the "workers' paradise." Bernie Sanders, for example.

Putin's Russia is nothing much, but it is not a region about which a noted American person of letters wrote "I've seen the future, and it works." (1920s)

To the extent the Russians interfered in US elections, the extent of which is alluded to but never-ever revealed, the only difference such interference could make would be in the number of votes cast.

The outcome was that Ms Clinton received almost 3 million more votes than Mr Trump.

Are the Democrats grateful for the clearly evident help their candidate received from Mr Putin?
No. In fact they, and the gloriously uninformative media, keep insisting that Russian machination made voters in certain states, and only in those states, vote a certain way, while in "enlightened" states such as CA or NY the Russian efforts were futile.

Can one of the "progressive" posters on this thread explain how such a feat could be accomplished.

Didomyk in reply to boroka

"... the only difference such interference could make would be in the number of votes cast."

How naïve, how outdated your quote !. Don't you understand the core issues of political INTERFERENCE in the democratic process, the false propaganda paid for by a foreign power, the infiltration in the security framework that will remain there for years to come ? The revelations you are looking for are and will remain a state secret for decades to come.
You, and many, many others should read and think about long term consequences of the activities of the like of Paul Manafort who was paid by Russian aluminum magnate a close personal friend of Putin. As reported by AP, Paul Manafort, former campaign head for Donald Trump, worked with Russian billionaire Oleg Deripaska to advance the interests of the Kremlin.
Try this for starters:

kuzmich in reply to Didomyk

Didomyk, feels like Ukraine along with you became orphans. Donald is busy with his Obamacare and Aunt Merkel with elections all over Europe. Nobody takes care and nobody gives groshi (money) to Ukraine. People in the western territories of Ukraine receive Hungarian and Rumanian passports, many work in Poland. Even the signs in the border regions like Zakarpattia Oblast are in Russian and Hungarian not in Ukrainian. Most of the people in the western territories don’t even speak Ukrainian. What you gonna do with that? Another war? I don’t think Europe will be happy to have a conflict on its borders. These are your starters.

Now main course:

Between2009 and 2013 the Clinton Foundation received at least $8.6 million from the Victor Pinchuk Foundation, based in Kiev. Total sum donated from Ukraine to Clinton Foundation was $29 million. Ukraine placed a bet on a wrong horse.
Besides I wonder who your president is Poroshenko or Semenchenko. Whatever this commander of the volunteer "Donbas" battalion says, Porosheko stands at attention and snaps a salute.
My friend, you gotta be careful with such guys as Semenchenko. He is like Savchenko could be a turncoat and a KGB agent. He is ethnically Russian and was born as Konstantin Igorevich Grishyn in Sevastopol. Do something before it’s too late!

Didomyk in reply to kuzmich

90% of your post is totally irrelevant and useless ( like road signs in Hungarian !! like people work or study in EU countries !! Oh, horror, how narrow-minded can you get ! There are signs in Russian as well ! And in Belorussian, and in Polish, even in English ! But what has any of this " kuzmich bravado" to do with Putin's bribing American politicians and their staff ?

Kuzmich, you don't like ANY volunteer battalions ! Well, Kuzmich you are badly out of date.. ALL armed personnel in Ukraine are now volunteers. Most EU countries have volunteer armed forces. Unlike in your Russia, where ALL Russian terrorists are volunteers who are paid to fire artillery and mortars every day to indiscriminately kill civilian population. Russian paid volunteers have a daily Putin quota to meet, - so much rubels for each tank salvo fired, so much for each mortar round. Then they change shifts with other Kremlin paid volunteers from Novosibirsk or Murmansk who are given Putin's 'incentives' in the form of "Stolichnaya" vodka ! Day in, night out.

Kuzmich, check with your Kremlin contacts how many vodka bottles were delivered to the Russian volunteer terrorists last week because the data, - verified by the international CSCE teams, - show that throughout last week, Russian-terrorist forces opened fire 561 times on Ukrainian positions on the Luhansk, Donetsk and Mariupol sectors of the front, including at least 187 times with heavy weapons - Grad rockets, mortars, artillery and tanks.

kuzmich in reply to Didomyk

Well done Didomyk! Feels Soviet propaganda school comes from under your pen. You learned a lot during the night classes of Marxism and Leninism. You are like Karl Marx denounces Capitalism or like Khrushchev who promised Communism to the Soviet people, you strongly believe that today’s Ukrainian generation will live under Manna from Heaven from Europe.

Didomyk, Putin hired not not only Trump. Dig deeper. Rockefeller visited the Soviet Union first time in 1962 where he was hired by Khrushchev. Rockefeller poses with Khrushchev and of course he took balalaika classes (a picture with balalaika). Later in 1973 Rockefeller succeeded in establishing relations with Soviet leaders and Chase became the first American bank to open a representative office in the Soviet Union. I myself had the honor of meeting his daughter Peggy Rockefeller in the 90s.

Well I believe in this tricky situation American Congress Committee must start a thorough probe into Rockefellers’ relations with the Soviets and Russians.

Didomyk in reply to kuzmich

There are two fundamental problems with your post: You said: "Rockefeller visited the Soviet Union first time in 1962 where he was hired by Khrushchev. Rockefeller poses with Khrushchev and of course he took balalaika classes (a picture with balalaika). "

First, you were not even born in 1962

Second, Rockefeller visited the Soviet Union in 1962. That was at the time RUSSIA did not exist as a state. Rockefeller made his deals with Khrushchev, a Ukrainian communist. . Rockefeller poses with Khrushchev in a picture with balalaika.

So, your propaganda leaders have you confused. What has this to do with today's Putin Russia trying to bribe the US president ? Nothing. Full stop.


Nunes was deeply involved in Trump's election campaign. Some of his cohorts are now under suspicion of collusion with Putin. Nunes is acting weird. Could he be also under suspicion of collusion or is he just Trump's poodle?

Michael Dunne

As for the what-about-ism - seems simply a case of partisan nervousness. Maybe in the throes of the election cycle many of these party members/elected officials didn't take seriously all of the weirdness around the Trump campaign and suspicious interactions/ties.
The drive to win could overshadow that, especially for congressmen who face 2-year election cycles.
If a conspiracy of collusion does emerge between the Trump campaign and Russia, then there will be a bit of collateral damage to the party, at least to the brand, and a heck of a distraction to deal with when it comes to news cycles via various media.
The campaign ran along retro Wallace kind of lines (circa 1968) and included rhetoric of the Nixon campaigns. No surprise rhetoric about leaks would emerge too.
The deep state references are canards for the fringe of the base - those who call themselves white nationalists, probably a good dose of Tea Bagger types. Doubt anyone with their head on straight in the legislature believes such third world rhetoric (accept for those of the Bachmann variety maybe?) ...


Well, somebody's doing the leaking, Don! I mean somebody's doing it! Who's doing the leaking? Who's doing the leaking?
And now we know who.
On finding new information in the ongoing investigation into high-ranking Trump campaign officials' ties to Russian nationals, rather than sharing the information with his fellow congressmen on the committee, the chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence went straight to the office of the nepotist-in-chief to report in to his patron.
He had to be rehydrated before he left.
Swampy is as swamp does, Forrest Trump.

MsBRuxksbE in reply to longman333

"...Evidences not tales for simpletons..."
When did evidence become a necessity for the devoted supplicants of Trump Don-jon?
Team Orange has heretofore been perfectly fine with evidence-free accusations, evidence-free promises, and evidence-free alternative histories of nearly everything. The Chumppalachians always eat it up.
The Dear Leader already has his pets, Trumpy Spice and Rep. Nunya, doing the Trumpy dance. Now you too!
The orange one said he can't provide any evidence to support his nonsensical claims because: "separation of powers!"

Didomyk in reply to longman333

"He should tell us what these links consisted ...."

Tell whom ?

In your opinion Comey and all heads of US intelligence agencies should tell Putin in some detail what they know about the Russian spying, bribery, monitoring, sabotage and the like.

Sounds like a very smart idea ! Do you think Putin would be willing to do the same ?


The FBI is investigating and probing Trump and his team. That's very different from wire-tapping ! Tweedle Dee, Tweedle Dum.

Of course there was zilch evidence to justify the "probe" in the first place and the Obama spies have found zilch evidence of collusion over the last 8 months of spying but , hey, why not continue to undermine democracy and the President of the US for political gain.

This will blow up in Democrats' and MSM's faces.

longman333 in reply to Sabertooth

Trump's enemies are trying with stale, trite artifices and stratagems to unsaddle him. With these petty subterfuges and low tricks they are on the wrong track and will come up against a brick wall. My cat Jack is laughing sarcastically at these idle attempts.

NickyGoodtimes in reply to Sabertooth

"Of course there was zilch evidence to justify the "probe" in the first place and the Obama spies have found zilch evidence of collusion over the last 8 months of spying but , hey, why not continue to undermine democracy and the President of the US for political gain."
"Asstrich": One who simultaneously has their head in the sand AND up their own backside. How's the view, Saber?


This debate is useless. We in Russia don’t give a damn thing who rules America. Every 4-8 years bargain one trouble for another. Garbage in, garbage out.

MsBRuxksbE in reply to longman333

"As you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear, so you can't make a FBI director out of an errand-boy..."
As we learned today, you can't make a House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence chairman out of an errand-boy either.

kuzmich in reply to Didomyk

Unfortunately Didomyk, you stopped getting instructions and moreover money from your so-called Satellites i.e. Sputniks. Even The Economist writes less on Ukraine these days. Ukraine is abandoned to the whims of fate. You know Mr Biden looks for a job. Ukraine has an experience with foreigners filling vacancies. Make him prime minister and he will straighten out your chaotic issues. Otherwise you guys go there to extremes and want to be on the covers of magazines by killing people in downtown Kiev.

Just a Concerned Individual

That's awesome. It proves that Obama was indeed investigating an opposing party candidate and will unearth the truth. So far, there has been no proof of illegal activity.

guest-omnnmei in reply to longman333

The whole world,eh?
Uh, no. The world clearly knew Dump was a delusional serial liar totally unfit for the office of president. That was obvious and foretold from his campaign clown shows and it's obvious now that he's bungling in office.

Michael Dunne in reply to longman333

He won due to a Federal system employing an electoral college. He didn't have a plurality, and that matters when it comes to governance and having a mandate. That last statement didn't make any sense. Seems to betray a lack of understanding of the American political system at the Federal level.

Ecoute Sauvage

From the article:
"... The journalists who allegedly published this classified piece of information should be prosecuted. The officials who provided the journalist with the information should be prosecuted too. And who were those officials anyway? Mr Gowdy provided a helpful list of suggestions for the FBI to investigate: Ben Rhodes (an adviser to Barack Obama), Susan Rice (the president’s National Security Adviser), Loretta Lynch (Mr Obama’s attorney-general), Sally Yates (the deputy attorney-general) and Mr Obama.
This makes so little sense that to even say so is an affront to sensibleness..........."
Parsing this passage - unquestionably an affront to syntax - will clear up the fog in the author's mind.
1. "allegedly published" - there's no allegation here, the content of that conversation was in fact published.
2. the obvious list of potential leakers starts with those who had access to said conversation to begin with, and the list provided is a first pass of those with such access.
3. After facts under (1) and (2) above are understood, the "affront to sensibleness" disappears.
Even the political lunatic fringe nowadays contributing to this publication is expected to follow basic rules of logic. And if the author is attempting to reach an American audience he/she could usefully avoid typically British terms like "sensibleness" - by definition subjective - and use the more robust, objective, clear and unambiguous "rationality". Looking up Orwell's immortal "Politics and the English Language" >
> might help - even though, oddly, the first link to the text on Google ends in .ru. The Russians clearly have had more experience with this kind of language abuse than the rest of us, but unlike contributors to The Economist, they at least have learned from it. Mr Gowdy is correct from start to finish by any rational standard.

"And if the author is attempting to reach an American audience ...."

LOL. FYI, the Economist has always been a British publication. There are plenty of publications that cater to an American audience, but for many of us we appreciate getting a different point of view from across the pond. We don't need them to change their language in order to understand.

One might more accurately say, if an American is attempting to read a British publication, they should be aware that American English isn't the only version and recognize how arrogant it is to lecture them on the "proper" use of the language.

Even the political lunatic fringe who comment here should be expected to follow this basic rule of logic.

Subscribers - to which group you clearly do not belong - get this notice in their email about this article:
"This makes so little sense as to be an affront to reason, writes our United States editor"

The "US editor" might logically be expected to know American English even in a British publication - a fact known to anyone regretting the downward lurch in The Economist since the days of its best editor to-date, the great author of The English Constitution. On the off chance you can read before posting here is the link >
> and if you can additionally manage to read down a text containing polysyllabic words, you'll discover he had a lot to say about the American constitution as well, for instance:

"In this essay I made many remarks on the American Constitution, in comparison with the English; and as to the American Constitution we have had a whole world of experience since I first wrote. My great object was to contrast the office of President as an executive officer and to compare it with that of a Prime Minister; and I devoted much space to showing that in one principal respect the English system is by far the best. The English Premier being appointed by the selection, and being removable at the pleasure, of the preponderant Legislative Assembly, is sure to be able to rely on that Assembly. If he wants legislation to aid his policy he can obtain that legislation; he can carry out that policy. But the American President has no similar security. He is elected in one way, at one time, and Congress (no matter which House) is elected in another way, at another time. The two have nothing to bind them together, and in matter of fact, they continually disagree. "


Here is a piece of ancient Chinese wisdom from ZhuGeKongMing (诸葛亮), that is 'when in doubt, don't act; having acted, suspend doubt' (疑人不用,用人不疑). Comey should have released the information on the investigation BEFORE the election. And if the information released did not convinced the voters, suspend the investigation AFTER the election until Trump's term ends. Unfortunately, the simpletons on both sides will demand his scalp, in turns of course. But, I'm afraid that Comey's gonna lose his anyways.

longman333 in reply to Houshu

The Dems forget that Comey is the same FBI Director who during the campaign for the election announced the discovery of new e-mails in the long-standing case of Hillary Clinton, dooming her in such way her election. He says now that FBI is investigating possible illegal interference of Russia in Trump's victory. That's funny. That# means nothing. He should only give evidences of this Russian influence to justify Trump's victory. Everybody can make such laughable assertions. If he doesn't succeed in giving proof of his allegations he should be investigated and fired immediately. The country cannot tolerate that its secret service be in the hands of a nonentity like this Comey. Its security is at risk.

longman333 in reply to Houshu

This Comey is omitting to tell us of what Russia's involvement in the 2016 election consisted. How could millions of Americans be influenced to vote for Trump instead for Hillary? Did Russia use drugs or voodoo to win everyone's liking for Trump? We want to know.


This may be the weirdest message board for a pretty conventional and easy to understand Opinion piece from the Economist I have ever seen. I guess Russia needs to spend those disinformation rubles in some manner, but most of the posts here verge on the incoherent. And what is with all of the made up names?