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Hail to the chiefs

Jacob Zuma wants to strengthen traditional leaders

Critics say this will let them abuse their people

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So South Africa still has fiefdoms, and Zuma wants to give them even more power.

History has shown that countries that fail to centralize, always fail. England and France got over this process centuries ago, leading to their dominance. Holy Roman Empire and Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth didn't, and they remained weak for centuries as a result.

I am sorry, but with this sort of medieval baggage (that even former colonial countries largely dealt with in the past few decades), South Africa has no hope.


It had once been explained to me that South Africa operated on the basis of tribalism and that the replacement of the white tribe by one of the black ones would not change anything. That appears to have been true, with the additional thought that it is only a matter of time before it approaches the Congo or Zimbabwe. Such a shame for such a rich and potentially great country.


Look at this article:

South Africa's President Zuma 'risks race war' as he demands land owned by white 'occupiers' can be taken without compensation

921 comments - read a bit what people in the UK think about this.


Jacob Zuma is turning South Africa into a tribalist Communist state - where's the liberals? Oh right, they have fled to the US, UK and Australia. Google
Jacob Zuma calls for confiscation of white land without compensation Daily Telegraph 5 July 2017.
Zuma repeats call for land expropriation without compensation | Fin24
Zuma's Radical Transformation: South Africa Will Allow Expropriation Of Land Without Compensation Huffingtonpost. The entire world's media has gone along with Jacob Zuma, you cannot even post comments on South African online websites.