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  • Envy, jobs and lower pay

    Do we pay nurses less because we envy them? Unlikely

    by Bartleby

    WHEN starting a new column, it is nice to get a topic that is at the heart of your chosen field. And David Graeber's book “Bullshit Jobs: A Theory” certainly centres around the issues of management and work. My analysis of his underyling thesis—that lots of socially useless and boring jobs have been created in recent decades—can be found in the print column. (Here also is a link to the original Economist piece that created “Parkinson’s Law”.) To summarise the column, some of the phenomena he notices are not new and his explanations for the apparent rise of pointless activity do not seem convincing.

  • Gentlemen prefer blokes

    When men rule the board

    by Bartleby

    ANY teacher will be familiar with the excuses that children give for not performing a task, from grandmothers’ funerals to “the dog ate my homework”. The kids could take some inspiration from Britain’s largest companies, judging by the rationale given for the failure to appoint female directors, as shown by a new government review. Women don’t want “the hassle and pressure” of sitting on a board, they will “struggle with complex issues” and, in any case “all the good women have already been snapped up”. As the eponymous heroine of the film Shirley Valentine remarked, “Aren’t men full of shit?” 

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